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I just want to know wt does it mean.is it related to baby growth.iplz help me to know wt does it mean

Hello dear, your question is not clear. As you have not stated what is related to baby’s growth. Please send your question again. Also attach any report that you have

I have been trying for past 3 months to concieve and my doc suggested that i shud take clofert i.e clomid from 3rd day of my period to 7th day. All other reports are normal. Should i take it or try for few more months without it?

Hi, the pace of fertility treatment is absolutely your choice. The age factor is on your side. You can wait. And take this medicine after a couple of months. Please discuss again with your Gynecologist

Looking for a cosmetic gynecologist to treat Vaginismus in Delhi preferably east Delhi. Pls suggest someone who is well experienced in treating it. It’s urgent. Thanks a lot!

Hi, vaginismus can’t be treated surgically. It is an excessive psychological response to touch. Psychotherapy is the best approach. Consult with your Gynecologist to confirm diagnosis again

I have a bit of facial hair.. It’s more on my chin region.. I got pcos, thyroid,testosterone and prolactin tests done.. The hormones are all in the range and I have no pcos. My periods get delayed sometimes.. What could be the reason?

Hi, at times at the start of PCOS, all reports come normal. Meeting an endocrinologist and ruling out other disorders also should be done. If all is normal, cosmetic laser removal of hair will help you

My wife’s get period so what she’s do? So you can solve my problems Please do some fast and i can easily buy to any pharmacy

Hi, your question is not clear. Do you want her to get menses or do you want periods postponed. Either way, prescription can only be given by a nearby Gynecologist.

I get my periods with the gap of 20-30 days. Certain months on time. Blood flow is normal but max for 2-3 days. I get cramps alot.

Hi, if this is how your periods have always been, no need to worry. Simple painkiller prescribed by your Gynecologist will cure pain. If periods pattern has changed over past few months then you require further investigations, ultrasound and blood tests for hormonal changes

We are planning to go ahead with IVF. Infertility specialist asked for STD panel check for both of us. Every test in both of us is negative barring HSV 1+2. My husband HSV 1+2(IGM) is negative with Index value of .81 and HSV 1+2 (IGG) is positive with value of 18.40. My HSV 1+2 ( IGM) is positive with value of 1.35 and HSV 1+2 (IGG) is negative with value of .50. I have attached the reports as well. IGG of my husband and IGM of mine. Also, we don’t have any symptoms not even a lesion or blister. I’ve been suggested for HSV PCR. Does it really required ? Kindly advice, if we can go ahead with IVF process without any issues to future kid.

Hi, you should get this test done. If confirmation comes for infection, treatment of it should be done first before opting for pregnancy.

This is my tvg report after mifty kit and doctor has referred 2 more tablets of misoprostol 200mg sublingual,is the diagnose alright or do I have to worry about dnc

Hi dear. You must always rely on your treating doctor first. Though the clots are small but still if bleeding continues, treatment is required.

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About Dr Himani Gupta

She is a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician practising in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She is Director of Clinic Mother 'n' Care , My Gynaec World and is famous for social initiatives. Services & treatment provided through our clinic and attached multi-speciality hospitals are- Care of pregnant woman and delivery, abortion by tablets & surgery,Copper-T, menstrual irregularity & D&C, counselling, adolescent problems, health lectures, cervical cancer screening & vaccination etc.
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