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Experienced and Trusted Gynaecologist & Obstetrician in Navi Mumbai. She is available in multiple hospitals. She is Director of Clinic Mother N Care.Call and book instant Appointment.

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Im not pregnant. I have pcos from 2 years , however I used to get periods atleast once for 2 months. Now from past 3 months no periods only white Discharge. I have lower back pain from 4 days and pain in side hips. Y do I have pain in lower back? I feel the pain us coming from the bone. Can I have osteoarthritis or osteoporosis due to hormonal imbalance??

You are too young for bone problems. Don’t worry.
But do get an ultrasound and hormonal tests in blood done.
It will help you

I had a pregnancy test on 44th day from my last period and it was faint attached the image. On 38,39and 45 th day i have spotting. Since i had a ectopic pregnancy last year i am afraid of this spottings. Please suggest me a solution. I also feel light irritating feel in centre of my under abdomen.

You can go for Transvaginal ultrasound. It may clear the picture

Usually I get the periods a week before the period month but this time I did not get the periods and today is exact date( 28 date) I got last month. I am little worried… My husband and I never missed precautions during intercourse.. This is first time happening.. I am getting body pain and white discharge… In past few days I have taken medication, hot water, kadha just for immunity… My question is could there be pregnancy or any other health issue… Please help

Please do urine pregnancy test and find out. If negative, don’t worry. Sometimes it happens

I got my periods on June 13th and got IUI done on 30th June because of late ovulation Today I got tested negative but I didn’t get my periods also. Before my IUI I took HMG 75 and also took Ovunal SC 5000. I am taking sustan 200 since my IUI date Should I wait for some more days to get confirmation about pregnancy. Today is 16th day of my IUI

As you have taken HCG injection, urine pregnancy test will not be valid nor will Beta HCG level in blood. Wait for 15 days more , continue all medicines and then do ultrasound

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About Dr Himani Gupta

She is a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician practising in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She is Director of Clinic Mother 'n' Care , My Gynaec World and is famous for social initiatives. Services & treatment provided through our clinic and attached multi-speciality hospitals are- Care of pregnant woman and delivery, abortion by tablets & surgery,Copper-T, menstrual irregularity & D&C, counselling, adolescent problems, health lectures, cervical cancer screening & vaccination etc.
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