Dr. Himani Gupta

Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

Experienced and Trusted Gynaecologist & Obstetrician in Navi Mumbai. She is available in multiple hospitals. She is Director of Clinic Mother N Care.Call and book instant Appointment.

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Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant ..and having some nerve problem in my left leg .I have been told to have physiotherapy done ..which is specifically electrotherapy .Is electrotherapy safe during pregnnacy ?? Pls suggest .

Hi. electrotherapy can’t be given around any area which is close to abdomen. You can take cold fomentation instead.

My sister is sexually active with multiple partners.She had an ultrasonography for regular check up.(Report Attached). Result shows MINIMAL FREE FLUID IN POD. What does it mean.? Is it something serious ? Suggestions for her please.

Hi, it seems that she is having pelvic infection. She will require antibiotics course. It’s not serious. Take care

I have spotting between periods from 2 month I have done my Pap test last year it showed hpv changes not detected so is it necessary to do it again ? I don’t have thyroid.

Hi, you can repeat Pap’s smear. But you also require Ultrasound of pelvis. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist

If i used condom and not inserted and gave ipill..then what are the chances of pregnancy. I did it on 3rd feb and i gave her ipill her date was on 13th feb she got bleeding for 4 days from her date..and now she have little pain in abdomen and feeling of tightness.i did home pregnancy test once and it was negative. What are the chances?

Hi, A word of caution for all young couples. Please do not abuse emergency contraceptive pill. It has many side effects if taken indiscriminately and without medical advice. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=403179473596022&id=132666296798091 This Facebook video will show you some light Now the best thing is meeting a nearby Gynecologist. And take her help

Pregnancy test shows faint pink line.Period is due today.Is the result positive or negative.Used first morning urine.No symptoms till now.Usually periods are painless.

Hi, This definitely is pregnancy, though early. Test line will also become darker after a week or so. If you are desirous of continuing pregnancy, meet a nearby Gynecologist

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About Dr Himani Gupta

She is a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician practising in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She is Director of Clinic Mother 'n' Care , My Gynaec World and is famous for social initiatives. Services & treatment provided through our clinic and attached multi-speciality hospitals are- Care of pregnant woman and delivery, abortion by tablets & surgery,Copper-T, menstrual irregularity & D&C, counselling, adolescent problems, health lectures, cervical cancer screening & vaccination etc.
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