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Hi..I m bhavika…last year till 27 July 2018, I have faced 2 Dand E for fetus evacuation…both the times I have 3 month pregnancy…my first Day and E occurred in December 2017… In this July I will complete 2 years of my marriage…now I have done my BOH profile …in which I have found LUPUS And Torch positive…I have consulted 2 of doctors one govt. And another private…both prescribe 2 different methods to cure lupus…now I m confused to which method is best… Plzzz help me out to choose which method is successful…and best suited for me…

Hi, before any opinion can be formed, it is mandatory to see the reports. The titre in which the tests are positive. Your sonography reports of both the pregnancy to know if fetal heart beats came before abortion also needs to be considered. With so many factors, it is not possible to give advice just based on two prescriptions. I advise you to go back to your Gynecologist and discuss again about rationale of any therapy. She is is the best person to explain

Hello, I am 5 months pregnant with twins and I have loose motion. Please suggest some home remedies.

Hi, ORS solution is freely available. But if you don’t get ok fast and feel giddy or dehydrated, make sure to contact your nearby Gynecologist

Is it possible to predict the baby gender through hearbeat bpm in pregnancy. I would like to my baby gender

Hi, there is no such method. Any method used to know gender of baby during ante natal that is pregnancy period is punishable by law. Please do not ask such questions

Which is the best form of exercise to reverse PCOS? Cardio, lifting and strength training or Yoga? Please advice

Hi, 45 minutes of moderate exercise. It can be any form. You may rotate too.Supplement it with diet control

After sex if pregnant When vaginal discharge start in pregnancy…please explain me best… … … ..

Hi , your question is unclear. Please write in detail and ask again

I tool. Ipill on 11 may. Today I hv got bleeding and abdomen pain. My last period date was 26 April. Is this my periods?? Any chance of pregnancy now? Pl advise.

Hi, Ipill is known to cause irregular bleeding after some days. It’s not your period. Failure rates also are dependent on time frame in which it was taken. If you miss your menses, please check yourself for pregnancy and meet a nearby Gynecologist

I inserted it deeply.but little bit of tat melted capsule released though vagina.And hav abdomen pain too.

Hi , additional progesterone are given for specific reasons. Have you done ultrasound. Is it showing fetal heartbeat. If pain continues, go back to your Gynecologist

I’m having low AMH value(1.7). Had a pcod problem so doctor suggested for laproscopy. After drilling my ovary become weak. Is it possible to get pregnant without ivf treatment.

Hi, you are a young female. It’s very unusual to have such low AMH at this age. Are you overweight. What about your lifestyle. Is it sedentary. Need to see your complete hormone profile. IVF is option but there are so many things before that. Please meet your gynecologist again

Hi, you are a young female. It’s very unusual to have such low AMH at this age. Are you overweight. What about your lifestyle. Is it sedentary. Need to see your complete hormone profile. IVF is option but there are so many things before that. Please meet your gynecologist again

Hi, you need a repeat internal vaginal examination by a Gynecologist. A Pap’s smear also needs to be done. Sometimes , prolonged therapy, probiotics and vaginal pessary course is required

She started taking yasmin pills and took 4 pills in the morning. How many times should she take it?

Hello dear, your questions are not clear. Are you taking Yasmin tablets as regular method of birth control or emergency contraceptive pill. Have you consulted a nearby Gynecologist before starting these tablets.
I advise you to meet your doctor as soon as possible.

Hello doctor. I am facing problem of vagina itching, I used ketoconazole for 3 days but there is no improvement it is still same, I am even facing more dryness and itching in my vagina after using it. Should I continue using it or should stop. I don’t have pain or white discharge.

Hi, there are other reasons for itching too apart from fungal infection like Trichomoniasis and skin disorders. If you didn’t get better, now is the time to show yourself to a nearby Gynecologist and get it checked. Change of treatment is required

I 29 year old. I am pregnant of 1 month. I check my pregnancy by pregnancy kit. Doctor told me to do and if you are pregnant so than start folic acid tablets. And nothing else. I wanted to know that what should I do. Is there any vaccine during pregnancy? And other precautions please help me.

Hi, for early pregnancy, this much is sufficient. Start Folic acid tablets. Meet your Gynecologist for ultrasound date.

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About Dr Himani Gupta

She is a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician practising in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She is Director of Clinic Mother 'n' Care , My Gynaec World and is famous for social initiatives. Services & treatment provided through our clinic and attached multi-speciality hospitals are- Care of pregnant woman and delivery, abortion by tablets & surgery,Copper-T, menstrual irregularity & D&C, counselling, adolescent problems, health lectures, cervical cancer screening & vaccination etc.
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