Abortion By Pills in Kharghar

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Real Women- Real Experiences-12

In our day to today practice , we meet a lot of patients and get to treat them.
It is our observation that the institute of marriage is undergoing a paradigm shift.
As society becomes more liberal , young generation is indulging in free sex without the ties of marriage.
Psychological aspects and social aspects don’t match for male and female sexes.Expectations from the relationships are different when it comes to decision for future.
Female in the relationship which is now standing for many years, may want to go for security of matrimony, while male partner may or may not be willing.We have come across even such type of cases, where female has chosen to have unprotected sex in order to get pregnant so that she can pressurize her partner for marriage.
Emotional tug of war that happens in such situations is heart breaking.
To continue or discontinue with the pregnancy becomes a ground for heated arguments.At times pregnancy becomes so advanced that it can be terminated neither by abortion tablets nor by D&C
In such second trimester/ advanced gestation age abortions, mini labor kind of procedure needs to be adopted for abortion.

All these procedures come with their inherent risks and complications, much as we try to make it safe for them
One of the major concerns is future fertility.

The point here is wholesome education needs to be imparted to the young generation.
They need to understand certain life philosophies.
Use of contraceptives/ family planning methods is a must to take care of the woman concerned.

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