Abortion By Pills in Kharghar

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Real Women-Real Experiences-14.5.19

A 40 year old woman, resident of Khandeshwar, Raigad district, a highly trained professional in teaching field, working in Panvel, underwent abortion by pills at an early gestation. Her family is already complete with two kids, both having been born by Caesarean delivery.

For some reason the couple has still not opted for permanent solution of birth control.

The husband is reluctant to undergo Vasectomy for unspecified reasons.

Wife is furious with husband for refusing the operation. In retaliation, she comments , why everything should happen on woman’s body. Why can’t man also take some responsibility on their body.

She has a point , I think.

But in this tug of war, already two unwanted pregnancies have come and gone. Whose body is suffering?

These days, Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation- permanent family planning operation of female has become technically so easy and safe and in most of the cases, the woman is discharged on the same day.