Cervical Cancer-Most Common Gynecological Cancer- Update-24.2.19,Population and Age Dynamics

Cervical Cancer-Most Common Gynecological Cancer- Update-2.2.19,Population and Age Dynamics

Hello friends,
-As promised, we are back with more discussion on Cervical Cancer.

-Today, we will discuss incidence of cervical cancer i.e. the rate at which it occurs in population.

-Cervical cancer is common worldwide. Higher incidence is found in developing countries & contribute 85% of reported cases annually.

-Developed countries have much less incidence of cervical cancer owing to cervical cancer screening programs like Pap’s smear and availability and affordability of cervical cancer vaccine.

– The age at which cervical cancer develops is in general earlier than that of other gynecologic conditions and the median age at diagnosis is 48 years.

– So, friends, in next update of this series, we will discuss some more aspect of Cervical Cancer.

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