Changes During Menopause -Update-24.2.19-Hormonal Changes

Changes During Menopause -Update-24.2.19-Hormonal Changes

Hello friends,

As promised, we will continue our discussion on Changes During Menopause.

-Today we will discuss hormonal changes.

-During this time period the levels of FSH – ie Follicular Stimulating Hormone and LH ie Luteinizing Hormone increase and levels of hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone decrease.

-Impaired folliculogenesis & anovulation happens in ovaries.

-The existing follicles in the ovaries undergo accelerated rate of loss until eventually the supply of follicles is depleted.

-AMH ie Anti Mullerian Hormone is secreted by Granulosa cells of pre-antral ovarian follicles.

-Falling levels of AMH and rising levels of FSH are taken as marker of ovarian reserve during Menopausal transition.

– So friends , in next update of this series we will discuss in detail about some other aspect of this topic.