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Isoechoic lesion in cervix measuring in 2 into 1.7.is this problem is any dangerous ..will it need surgery…is going to be malignancy..what medicine should take to prevent the deseace.

Hi, your sonography report is showing atrophic uterus and ovaries. Are you getting menses. This is the first thing to be looked into. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist. A physical check up is required

Why is semen analysis an important test for male infertility

-Semen analysis of husband is an important and basic investigation for couples who are undergoing work up for infertility.
There are many parameters which will determine if this test is normal
  eg-volume of ejaculate, number of sperms per ml of ejaculate, presence of abnormal looking  sperms,motility of sperms-just after ejaculation and after couple of hours,evidence of infection,presence of  fructose
                               Sperm anatomy
There are different reasons for abnormalities of different parameters.
Likewise, the treatment options also vary.
Some patients will require simple oral medications.
Others may require surgery
Still some may require advanced fertility treatments like test tube baby
This simple investigation answers many questions that the treating doctor is seeking.
Based on this test result further management is decided.

Hi doc my gf last period came on 2 may after taking crina ncr for 5 days and her period lasts on 5 may after that she started taking Pinkeva from 8 may on 12 may we were naked rubbed against each other but neither ejuculated nor penetrated as she is still virgin .she forgot to take pinkeva on 18 may so she took 2 pills on 19 may again she forgot to take pills on 24 may she again took 2 pills on 25 may her pinkeva lasts on 28 may after that she has not got period till now is there is any chances of pregnancy doc please reply i am very scared. She has PCOD AND SHE IS STILL VIRGIN

Hi, it is a good thing that you are using precaution. But use it judiciously and take medicine regularly. If no menses in next two days, check for pregnancy in urine and meet a nearby gynecologist

Hello doctor, I m having loose motions since yesterday whatever i m eating is not staying inside Also I have got pus filled boil on my left side of vagina. Please tell me will it affect baby. And what remedies can be done.

Hi, for both your problems, meet a nearby gynecologist. You require an antibiotics course


Hi, my girlfriend is 35 days pregnant. I gave her medical abortion pills. She took mifepristone then after 24 hrs she took 4 misoprostol pills buccally. She had light cramps and bleeding after 4-5 hrs (not heavy at all). She discharged small mucus like tissue 5 hrs after taking misoprostol pills. Is abortion successful? If not sure can another misoprostol pills be taken within 72 hrs? Please help. thank you.

Hi, you have not clarified if you have taken medical opinion before starting these tablets. If an ultrasound has been done. These are necessary precautions. Please don’t give her any more medicines without consulting a Gynecologist first. It may cause harm.

My blood group is B +ve and my wife’s blood group is O +ve , my newborn child’s blood group is B -ve , is this normal how this happen means we both have +ve blood group then how my baby blood group is -ve. And also tell that first child’s blood group -ve will this affect my second baby in future when we plan for 2nd .

Hi, it is very much possible. The explanation lies in gene dominant/recessive theory. Your second baby will be normal . Though again blood group may be negative

My right ovary size is 4.4×3.3×4.4 31 cc and right ovary 17 cc I am a pcod patient, my 14th day folica study of right ovary: 21 18 12 and left ovary is 22 20 19 is it normal or any worries?

Hi, despite having PCOS, these reports seem quite normal. However , both your ovaries are showing follicles. Usually it shows on one side only. You need to get back to your Gynecologist.

I had dry humping with my fiancee. I had my clothes on but my partner was naked. Is there any chance of her getting pregnant?

Very less likely

Hello, last night we had sex using condom. But after the activity I noticed it was torn. Is it because of high speed during intercourse? As my partner was very desperate. I am worried of pregnancy.

You should take emergency contraceptive pill but first meet a nearby Gynecologist.

My wife hasn’t got her periods even after 8 days of period date. Pregnancy check kit shows negative results. We checked 3 times. Is she pregnant ? Do we need to go to gynecologist?

Hi, if you are worried, then you should go a step further. Do a blood test- Beta HCG. It will clear the diagnosis if she is pregnant or not.

I had protected sex, but after sometime my stomach started hurting. I even feel nauseous & pukish. I also had pizza, & I’ve always had trouble digesting cheese. Is the stomach ache because of intake of cheeze or something else?

Hi. If you have missed periods, you should do pregnancy test and be sure

I am 23 years old. Since 1 year i am noticing that there is a lot of itching near my pubic area …and small bumps comes out .. this happens fot somedays then it disappers.

You may be having a mixed infection. Will require antibiotics and anti fungal drugs. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist for prescription

I have irregular period and it’s delayed for 6-7 days .& unwanted Only one hair on my chin and some on my stomach.I don’t gain weight. And I have acne on my face I have taken medicine for acne by a dermatologist. But it comes back. Please suggest me solutions.

Hi, your symptoms are suggestive of Lean category of PCOS, which is a hormonal disorder. You require proper check up of blood and an ultrasound. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist.

Monthly period missed for more than 10 days. It never happened before. Did i-can test also its negative. What could be other reasons?

Hormonal imbalance is most common. Please do some blood tests like thyroid profile and Prolactin levels

I am delayed by 6 days can you suggest a tablet to induce periods, I have thyroid and unprotective sex but as per my knowledge very lil sperms would have entered maybe.

Hi, You need to be sure whether you are pregnant or not. First do a urine pregnancy test, and then a blood test- Beta HCG. If both are negative, a simple course of hormones will get menses. If you are pregnant by any chance- you should consult your nearby Gynecologist, as then getting menses is not that simple

I have done follicle study and today is my 24 th day of cycle… today my doctor done tvs scan and told me for beta hcg test.. is it everything normal.

Hi, it is to know if you have become pregnant. Please go ahead with test

I had my last period on 16th august. We are trying for pregnancy but I am not feeling any pregnancy symptoms. What should be my next step?

You should do a blood test Beta HCG. It will confirm if you are pregnant

I am 19 and my periods hav not come from past 4 months…months earlier my periods were late so I started consuming ginger tea with honey and next day it used to come bt I want it to come naturally and 4 months have passed it has not come yet and recently I have gained weight pls help me

Hi. Your symptoms are pointing towards PCOS, hormonal imbalance. You need an ultrasound and blood tests for diagnosis. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist


मुझे योनि में छोटा गांठ है और हल्का दर्द भी। पहले इन्फेक्शन से दाने निकले थे पर वो अब कम हो गए और न के बराबर हैं।

You require an antibiotic treatment. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist

How is follicular study done

When a Gynaecologist is investigating a female patient for infertility, Follicular study is one of the first line investigations that are prescribed.

Female fertility cycle is very unique .A normal fertile woman menstruates  once in a month.

Once the menstrual cycle is over, growth and maturation of ova starts. Somewhere in the middle of the cycle around 14th -16th day, ovulation occurs and released ova is picked up by Fallopian tube and is ready to be fertilized by sperm , hence occurs origin of life.

Follicular study is an ultrasonographic investigation done serially every 2nd or 3rd day starting generally from Day 6 or 8 of menstrual cycle. This study is deemed complete once it has detected ovulation.

Follicular Study

Clinical importance lies in the fact that once Gynaecologist knows that ovulation has occurred,further treatment to help her conceive can be offered eg-timed intercourse, IUI-Intra uterine insemination.


I am 29yrs old, weighing 54kg, I always had irregular periods like 45days gap ,getting only one day period 2nd day it will stop, is this because of nutritional imbalance, can we cure this naturally through healthy intakes If yes plz suggest some natural foods to take or should I consult doctor in personal

Hi, consulting a nearby Gynecologist is a good idea. You require an ultrasound and some hormonal tests in blood. Your weight doesn’t seem to be a problem. Healthy lifestyle and regular exercise is a must.


My afi is low doc said .. presently using arg9 twice and I don’t feel like drinking water and doc asked me not to take coconut water

Hi, at this gestation age, AFI usually is normal. If it is not, detailed study of fetus by 3D 4 D ultrasound , especially for kidneys should be done. Your placental function should be checked along with antibodies level. Please follow all advise of your doctor

Doctor had prescribed to take Rhogam 300 mg but it is not available In pharmacies can I take rhoclone 300 mg instead of Rhogam 300 mg ..?


How many days after stopping dronis 30 tablets will get periods? This was given for pcos to regulation of my periods

Hi, you will get it within a week

If a diabetic patient’s blood is donated to another patient, Will he too become a diabetic patient?

Hi, the recipient will not become Diabetic, however there are certain WHO ( World Health Organisation ) guidelines that need to be followed before a Diabetic patient is accepted as a blood donor. They are as follows

5.5.1 Diabetes mellitus
Consideration should be given to the donor’s general state of health and ability
to tolerate a blood donation, as well as the possibility of intercurrent infection
that may affect the safety of the blood.

There are no reports suggesting increased adverse donor reactions in diabetic
donors. A systematic literature review found no studies investigating diabetes
as a possible risk factor for adverse reactions in voluntary blood donors; two
studies on pre-operative autologous donation and three experimental studies
found that blood donation was well tolerated (73).

Individuals with diabetes who require insulin should be permanently deferred from
blood donation (70) because of concerns regarding diabetes-related complications
and an increased risk of hepatitis and other infections if safe injection practices
cannot be assured.

 Individuals with diabetes mellitus well-controlled by diet or oral hypoglycaemic
medication, provided they have no history of orthostatic hypotension and no
evidence of infection, neuropathy or vascular disease, in particular peripheral
Defer permanently
 Individuals with:
— Diabetes who require insulin
— Complications of diabetes with multi-organ involvement


We have been trying for 4 months now .This was first month that i took letrozole from day 3 to 7 and had hcg injection on day 14. But i got my period today. This month also shud i take letrozole?? And how many months shud u go with letrozole??

Hi, fertility enhancing drugs should always be taken under supervision of a gynecologist. Never on your own. Neither as online consultation. As you are not in front of me, so that I could examine you. However, general guidelines are for 6 months

Hi I am Ankit. I like to wear women clothing.. Please let me know what is the main problem. I am facing this from 5 years

It may not be a problem. Women are wearing men’s clothing all the time. Nobody is questioning. It’s more of a societal acceptance. But as of now people may not receive it well and you may get ridicule. If you can handle it , go ahead. If there are no other psychological issues, you can be peaceful, else seek advise from a psychologist

Do sumo wrestlers get diabetes, they eat more than normal people?

Hi, I guess a study needs to be conducted to know an answer to THAT…
However, I will say this, they also exercise a lot, they are young. You can do the math

Hi i and my bf had sex for first time and he did wear a condom, we stopped in between and i checked myself the condom was in tact , didn’t break and he didn’t cum at all. I get irregular periods (usually with gaps of 2or sometimes 3months) and i didn’t get period thos month could there be anychances i could be pregnant? We were super careful while doing it like so much so that even precum wouldn’t get in direct contact with vagina Thank you

Hi, you are taking precautions very well. Don’t worry.

Aneamic,7.4, Hb not increasing, after iron intake, 27 weeks, what could b the reason, taking iron source food too

Hi, please do some more blood tests- Hb electrophoresis and iron studies. It will clear the diagnosis

Hi my hemoglobin is low it is 6.9 instead of 12-15 will it make my period late, i’m late for 10 days,

Hi, if you are sexually active, first thing to do is urine pregnancy test. Next do a Hb electrophoresis and iron studies to find out the reason for low hemoglobin. Meet a nearby gynecologist or physician with your reports

Hello doctor. Recently I have done my hormone test. The results were tsh 4 uiu/ml, fsh 5.72miu/ml, lh 2.28 miu/ml prolactin 13.83 ng/ml. Am l normal? And I was diagnosed with pcod 2 years back. But my periods are regular with flow of blood for 2 days only. And I take eltroxin 50 mcg once daily.

Hi, these reports are normal. However much depends on your clinical condition. Are you mentruating normally. I advise you to meet your gynecologist and discuss reports.

I am 38 years old female. I want to do a medical abortion at home. I have already taken misoprostol. I took 2 under the tongue and inserted 2 into my vagina. It’s almost 6 hrs now and no bleeding, just little cramps. That comes and goes after about 10-20 minutes. Please what do I do

Hi dear, have you taken these tablets on your own without consulting a Gynecologist first.
If yes, please correct your mistake urgently and meet a nearby Gynecologist for check up and if required an ultrasound needs to be done.
Don’t attempt such things on your own

I’m 21. I have pcos but in last usg report my ovaries didn’t have any cyst. But after consulting another gain the doctor gave me femilon. Earlier I was prescribed novelon and ovral l.i got my period on 3rd july I started femilon on 1st day never missed a tablet. I have taken 13 tablet til now but i’m getting slight bleeding (spotting) now. Please help me what should I do? This never happened while consuming previous medicines ovral l novelon. I’m having period like cramps now.

Hi, low dose pills may have this kind of spotting provided you didn’t miss any tablets.
If certain formulation was suiting you, you can switch to that in next cycle.

Had sex before periods without condoms and i ate unwanted 72 pills just after 30 min of sex, but then also my periods didn’t started 😭 is there any chance of pregnancy. Or due that pills my periods is delayed. And from few days i am discharging white substance.

Hi, most likely because of pills, the periods are delayed. If you still have doubt, do Beta HCG test in blood, it will clarify the matter

I had sex with my boyfriend using a condom on Sunday, a day before my periods. I got my periods the next morning but I am still extremely worried about an unwanted pregnancy. Although I don’t want to take an ipill since it will mess up my menstrual cycle, should I take one anyway to be on a safer side? I’ve never taken any contraceptive pills before.

No, don’t take IPill . Your menses started, there is no chance of pregnancy

Hello Docs, My wife had a C Section on 15th Dec 2017 for our first baby. Now she is 13 weeks pregnant, LMP: 21 Apr 2019, EDD by dates: 26 Jan 2020, EDD by scan: 18 Jan 2020. Scan results are perfect. We are OK if ita gonna be another C Section, if Normal possible then its even better. Will there be any problem for 2nd delivery by considering the time gap?

Hi, it’s not even 2 years of previous caesarean delivery and your wife is pregnant again. Normal delivery option, you need to discuss with your Gynecologist in detail, who will deliver her. Risks are high.

Mari beti 9 month ki uska wait 6.5 kg usko agar kuch khilo tho vo jaldi khati nahi h kafi kosihis ke baad vo half cup khati h or vo formula milk or breastfeeding karti .usko khilne ke liye karu jisse vo or apna wait gain kare.

You should meet her Paediatrician, bachhon ka doctor. He will take care

I was started with regestrone cr 10 mg. ×20tablet course. But I think I took only 18 tablets and found after two days that I have missed last two doses. What should I do?

Nothing. Consider this cycle complete, let menses come and meet your Gynecologist

My periods are not coming from last two month.i have seen no change in my body . I take full dose of norethistreone for 3 days. How many days take to induce period but I feel pain irregular time in lower abdomen .and my weight is 95 kg .also I have done intercourse but my bf use condom during this. Help me out

Hi, for a young female of 22 years, this weight is under category of gross overweight. This may lead to hormonal imbalance like PCOS. Pregnancy may not be an issue as you have taken precaution. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist for a detailed consultation

I am 5 weeks pregnant. I am 29 years old. I took a single dose of misoprostol (800 mcg) to terminate it. I sure did get cramps and the blood came, but I am not sure if I have had a complete abortion. I feel fine coz its been a week and half now. Should I retake the misoprostol again with the 3 dose with 3 hrs intervals or just one more 800 mcg will do.

Hi, do not self medicate. You need to do an ultrasound again and check if abortion is complete. Then only any other step can be decided

DNC on 1st dec 2018 then regular period start . Dnc becoz heartbeats not appear . So trying form feb 2019 for concieve but not successful. My hsg test is right side tube is blockage and recommended laproscopy . My foliculer study 13-15 day from period. What should i do now? Please suggest

Hi, you are already on right path. As suggested by your treating doctor, you should go ahead with Laparoscopy first.

Im 26 years old. Im having pcos. Gynaecologist prescribed tab. Ovarl l for 3cycle. Its helpful or not. Before. Starting this tab I had the periods for 3 days very minimally (after 23 days of my lmp. I done the upt at 40 days of missed period. That is negative .after starting tab ovral l for 2 day of menses bleeding stopped next day morning .im very confused. Plzz help me can I repeat the upt &can I continue the tab. Ovarl l thank u.

Chances of pregnancy are very less. You can do a blood test beta hcg, it will clear the matter. Restart ovral after that.

I’m taking ovacare hd as for doctor consult is benefit pcod cure any others please tell me and also fish oil caplus is use for pcod and weight loss is good tell me the answer please.

Hi, this tablet is good for PCOS. Go for weight loss and exercise regularly for long term relief

I was diagnosed with pcos. Doctor gave me a medication of 6 months with contraceptive pill dronis 30 for regulating my cycle. During this 6 months course I did not used any other contraceptions. These course completed in september, and I got my period 5 days after as usual. Afterwards I started condom as contraception. But this month my period did not come yet. My last period was on 16 september. I am already 13 days late this month. I don’t have any pregnancy symptoms though I tested today morning with home kit and it was negative. I only sometimes feel a little cramp on my lower belly. I do exercises regularly too. Still my period did not came. Please help.

Your PCOS may have returned. You need to an ultrasound again and find out

I’m on regestrone and want to stop it and use ayurvedic how can I do it. I don’t want bleeding to be too much due to fibroid. How can I handle that.

Treatment of fibroids depends on size, number and symptoms. Regesterone is a temporary drug. Is your child bearing complete, that’s the most important question that will determine nature of treatment

I had this last Saturday a strenuous one.didn’t take my breakfast and lunch at time.generally I don’t drink too much of water .that day I was horribly low on water.at night felt like constipation and then found raw blood in stool.the next day too blood was observed.yesterday amount of blood was little.still there was blood.I am suspecting it as hemorrhoids.and started taking more fibre.Can you put some light on it what I should do.

Hi, your condition suggests either piles or fissures. A physical check up by your doctor is needed. Please meet your doctor as soon as possible

I am 4 months pregnant and last tom when I went for check up my bp was 90/140 and my doctor gave me loprin 75 and also suggested a test. The result is wbc is high with high neutrophil. What should I do.

Your BP is high. You need to be started on Anti hypertensive drugs which are safe in pregnancy. You should consult your doctor again

I have a problem with my bump as there are pimple on it and due to which dark black spots format plz help me what can I do.

Hi, it’s some skin condition. If a dermatologist is available, please go and see

I want prescription for postpone 72 levonorgestrel contraceptive tablet. How can I get the prescription?

Levonorgestrel 72 is an emergency contraceptive pill. Menses will not get postponed by this. You need to contact a nearby gynecologist.

As me and my husband are going for IVF,can we here use own sperm donor.. rather than my husband can we have possibility of choosing donor sperm from any of our family member

Hi, these things are best discussed with your IVF specialist. The answer is not that simple

I am pregnant with 2 months n already having hepatitis b n I was taking tenvir tablet regularly and yesterday Dr. Told me to stop tablets. My question I have eaten tenvir till 2 months and it will impact to my infant child. Further vaccine require at which stage?

You should meet your gynaecologist.

So my friend is having a delay of 1 week in her menstrual cycle. Had a consistent unprotected sex but the last time was 2 days ago! She also had a fever for a day and now she just have cold and cough! She took a pregnancy test & it has positive. Is there any chance that the test could be wrong? Its an unwanted pregnancy, what should she do?

Hi, please do blood test Beta HCG. Also an ultrasound. You need to meet nearby Gynecologist for the prescription and check up. Abortion tablets will be given by her only

I used minoz er 65 from 60 days. Dr. Consult me to use it for 3 months. It affects my period because my pcos treatment is also going on?

Minocycline is an antibiotic. Most likely given to cure severe acne problem associated with pcos, it does not affect periods.
Please meet your gynecologist again.

am 28 married. Monthly once or twice we used have to protective sex for past one year. Usually my periods are regular . This month my periods is not normal my flow is less and colour of my blood is brown or black. Mine is 5 days periods. But now two days once I am finding spotting and light bleeding. This month I took medication for skin allergy itching

Hi, please do a pregnancy test in urine to clarify if you are pregnant. Meet a nearby Gynecologist

I have a doubt can you please clarify my doubts? One lady is pregnant. And she don’t know that she was pregnant. She had only missed period as symptom due to this. After 2 month she get doubt about missed period and check pregnancy test. The test is positive. She wants to be abort that baby. If she inserted misoprostol 3 tablet into vagina. And after several hours she drank 2 tablet of misoprostol. Then the baby will aborted or not

For Goodness Sake, No!!!!
Don’t try such hanky-panky at home without meeting a Gynecologist and getting required testing done.
It could prove life threatening

I am carrying twins and my babies growth are slow . I m 8 weeks pregnant the both babies growth is 6 weeks . One heartbeat is fine and the other has slower heartbeat . I am really scared

Hi, you must check with your Gynecologist. At times conception is late. If other parameters on sonography is normal, she will start you on supplemental progesterone and repeat ultrasound after some time

Dear Doctor, My test result for AMH is 1.45ng/ml. Underwent a USG 6 months back & found that as normal as mentioned by the doctor we consulted. Currently I am taking Ovygyn D3 every day after breakfast from past 10 days as my doctor mentioned that my AMH is on the lower side. I also take Folvite 5mg after dinner from past 45 days. I faced a miscarriage an year back. Can I conceive now with my aforementioned status? Could you please help letting me know what should be the ideal AMH number? Thank you in advance for your help

Hi, AMH is body’s natural response to ageing. Follicular study will tell you best about your current pregnancy potential. You should follow your doctor’s advice diligently. If need be, go for IUI or IVF, as deemed necessary

I take unwanted 72 pill 2 weeks ago after having unprotected sex . But it’s not my period time and i got bleeding and colour is brown and having some mass type clots. Is it Normal or sign of something else?? Also i have some back pain also.

Hi, time and again all of us doctors who answer on this platform have been telling that  emergency contraceptive pill causes lots of bleeding problem. Safer methods of birth control are available. Please meet a nearby gynecologist .

I am having pcod. I was taking letrozole 2.5 mg twice a day from cycle day 3-7 and from cycle day 8-12 prostium e and prostium s on cycle 10. I noticed my cervix mucus was watery, clear and sticky. My question is will it possible to ovulate on cycle 10?

With letroze, it is always a possibility that you will ovulate.

Im having pcod. My doctor prescribed me myo, progynova, 2 mg duphaston 10 mg and ive taken these medicines for 3 months and im not getting pregnant my age is 22

Hi, first thing to check is your ovulation by Follicular study. Please meet your Gynecologist again

Hai doctor. Am trying to pregnant. My ovulation was completed. My doctor suggested folvite tablet, ovabless then progynova. Why that tablet suggested to me. What is benefits of that tablets. Please explain me.


They are vitamins and hormones. They will help you in getting pregnant.

I am 30 week pregnant. Suffering from lot of hardness and tightness in stomach. Not sure what to do. The stomach is rock hard. I am taking tidilan tablet and sustain release tablet but no help. Also took maintane injection but no improvement. No problem with motions. Please advice.

Hi, your condition needs urgent medical attention. Please meet your Gynecologist as soon as possible

Hi Doctor, Can I use demelan cream during breastfeeding. Now my baby is 8 month old.

Hi, it is best to avoid. Please consult a dermatologist for alternative

Doctor ne muje regestrone 5 mg 12 tablet di aur 7 din bad blinding hui par 1 din vo bhi just few to kya me pregnant hu.

Hi, pregnancy is unlikely, however hormonal imbalance may be there. You need an ultrasound and blood tests. Please meet your gynecologist again

Monthly cycle Has been Delayed by two days , I had ipill on14th day of cycle. Kindly suggest on this

Hi, I pill is known to make menses irregular. Also it’s not 100% effective. It fails to protect from pregnancy. Please do a urine pregnancy test and blood test -Beta HCG to rule out pregnancy and meet a nearby Gynecologist

Hi I am 26 week pregnant and from last few days i am having severe swollen feet and ankle also my weight is increasing rapidly high so pls suggest anything possibly i m worried about swelling of feet and ankles

Hi, you must check your BP to see if it’s increased. Also do Liver function test to see deficiency of protein. Urine test to see if proetins are getting excreted through urine. Take care

Sir. My wife not pregnant yet after 1.5 year of marriage after that I go for consultation.in blood test of my wife her AMH levle 9.21. and other test are normal.she got only 2to 3 days period.i thnik lack of bleeding.its pcos or not ..and what is treatment

Hi, PCOS patients have ovulation issue. For her releasing of egg may not be happening. Please do Follicular study on advise of your Gynecologist


My mother was diagnosed with complex hyperplasia and the doctor strongly recommends for hysterectomy and removal of her uterus in order to reduce extreme pain and unusual bleeding.

Hysterectomy is advisable. If medical insurance is taken, expenses will get covered

Hi. I haven’t got periods from last 3 months and did sonography test. Hence i got to know i have dermoid cyst. Want to ask is it not possible to remove from medicines.. I also have colities

Hi, the only treatment for Dermoid cyst is operation. These days , Laparoscopy is safe and effective. Please check with your Gynecologist.

Abdominal circumference is less by 3 weeks ..i am 34 weeks pregnant now..is there any problem to baby health..i am very tensioned about this is baby live normal healthy aftr birth or not…pls tell me…

Hi, there are some corrective measures that can be taken like high protein diet and medicinal supplements. Overall weight and liquor should be normal. Detailed consultation with your Gynecologist should be done

My last period was on 13th september and i didnt had sex,for my boyfriends confirmation we did a pregnancy test too which was negative.soo how to get my periods now


You can either wait for a week more or take hormonal withdrawal bleeding

Pain in abdomen, take many medicines but no relief, when take medicines feel relief after stop medicines pain start again, but now so much pain in stomach sides, and lower abdomen. Pain start after delivery with operation

Hi dear. A physical check up by your doctor is definitely required. All the required medicines are already going on. Please consult your doctor again or your Gynecologist. Further, this is public platform. Please do not share your personal information

My LMP on 22.6.2019. Iui on 3.7.2019. Pregnancy test through kit on 18.7.2019 one line dark and another line is very lighter. Dr said it is positive. But beta hug test on 18.7.2019 it shows only 18 ml only. Brown discharge on 20.7.2019. Again checked pregnancy test through kit on 20.7.19 it was negative. i don’t know problem I am having. Period is not yet come. When will i test ?

Hi, either it is chemical pregnancy, meaning, pregnancy started but didn’t survive and menses will come after sometime. One more explanation is fading HCG given for ovulation depending on dose and timing. Please meet your Gynecologist again

Im 9 weeks pregnant through ivf… my fetal heart rate is 186, crl is 21mm,sac suze is32mm.. is it normal?

Looks normal.

Hello plz give me home remedies to get periods fast I want to get periods in 2 days plz help me out b cz I have function

Hi dear, There are no remedies, home made or Medications, which can get menses so fast. In fact pre-ponement of menses is not medically possible. However you may postpone. But you will require high dosage of hormones and it will have its own effects like nausea and may be vomiting too. Will you be OK with that.

Madam/Dear Sir, My wife is suffering from nausea and Vomiting and feeling very weak. Our Doctor says that it is normal and seems to take it lightly. But because she hasn’t been eating for many days, it has become a concern for us. Will giving Drips give her any relief. We are not getting proper advise on what signs we should look for to decide whether drips is reqd or not. Is there any reason for concern? Our doctor is impatient with our concern as she may think it is lack of resilience on my wife’s part or we are worrying too much. I hope she is correct. But not eating for days is worrisome. Plz advise.

Hi, in cases like your wife’s, at times IV fluids are required. Probably on alternate days too. At times some injections taken on OPD basis also work. You should discuss with your Gynecologist again about the signs that should alert you to this treatment’s need

Is blood transfusion is effect on baby during 7th month of pregnancy? How to identify baby defects based on blood transfusion? And any change occured in DNA and genes of the baby for blood transfusion? Please help me

Hi, who is receiving blood transfusion. if mother is receiving the transfusion- there are no side effects either to the mother or baby. All the blood these days come from safe blood banks. If intra-uterine fetus ( baby ) is receiving blood, it is a separate counseling and beyond the scope of this platform. You should trust your doctor and speak in detail with them

My wife is having very painful periods with heavy discharge this time. Pain intensity is more than normal periods

Hi, did you take birth control precaution properly in this cycle. If not please check for pregnancy in urine and meet a nearby Gynecologist as soon as possible. Heavy bleeding for any reason is not good

Oral contraceptive pills, are they safe?

Once a couple requests of oral contraceptive pills as a method of family planning to their Gynecologist, a complete body check up of the lady will be done and some blood tests will be suggested.
After seeing the normal report, once a day regular oral contraceptive pills will be prescribed.
Government of India also promotes this method of family planning and spacing between children.

Hi Doc, I missed my periods but I am not pregnant and I took meprate for 5 days twice a day, today is the 5th day after stopping meprate still did not get period

Hi, the total waiting period should be 10 days. If you still have not gotten menses by 3rd March, please  repeat  urine pregnancy test and meet a nearby Gynecologist

My Wife’s SGPT was 90 in 6th July’19 and 21st July’19 it is 170. She is taking UDILIV 300 twice in a day from 10th July’19 means from 11 days but her SGPT and ALP (from 190 to 352) increasing instead of deceasing. She is also left oil and fat food.She is 8 months of her pregnency. Why it is happening? Why it is increasing after taking medicine.How much risk of baby and mother for this in pregnency?

Hi, we are discussing cholestasis of pregnancy here. Which comes under high risk pregnancy management. A casual question on public forum and our answer may not do justice in her management. You should follow your Gynecologist’s advice to the dot for optimum outcome of both mother and baby

How common is the misuse of emergency contraceptive pills?

It is commonly seen in the gynecology clinical practice that many unmarried women as well as married ones too will take emergency contraceptive pills repeatedly, without doctor’s prescription after having had unprotected intercourse.
The fact that these pills are available over the counter, facilitates this .
The emergency contraceptive pill contains very high dose of hormones. This may delay the next menses or may make it iretcregular
If a lady is in stable relationship, she is advised to adopt regular methods of contraception like once a day regular oral contraceptive pill, condoms etc.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are in relation only the day on which you got hsg injection and the day when the follicle is ruptured

Hi, as per proven statistics, the overall chances in ‘ Timed Relationship’ cycle are 10%. Cumulative rate in 5-6 continuous cycles is 50-60-%. Best of luck.

After 2 failed IUI, doctor advised me to take break.. but she told me to continue mcb 69, co Q300. On 18th day doctor told me to take duphaston for 10days.. after stopping duphaston, it’s been 10days I didn’t get my period. Is there any chance of pregnancy?

You should check pregnancy test and confirm

What are the most common reasons for having irregular menstrual cycle?

Having irregular menstrual cycle is a very common complaint. Either the menses come very late or the bleeding is not proper.
The most common reasons for this type of clinical picture are hormonal imbalance.
-Thyroid hormone is less-hypothyroidism
-PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome- Imbalance of multiple hormones like LH( Leutinizing Hormone) and FSH( Follicle Stimulating Hormone)
-Prolactin hormone is high- hyperprolactinemia.

I had my Nt Nb scan done today and as per my lmp my pregnancy weeks are 13 weeks 5 days but as per radiologist said that foetus looks like of age 14 weeks 1 day. Whether it is correct to do Nt Nb scan today.

Hi, You can go ahead with scanning , however it will not be possible to send a Double marker test. As the last date is 13.6 weeks. Ultrasound findings may differ slightly with the dates . The option with you now is to wait till 16 weeks and then send a quadruple marker.

Hello doc. I had unprotected sex on 10th july. I took ipill on 11th july. And my last period was from july 1 to July 4. But today i.e. 23rd july i am experiencing bleeding. I usually hv irregular periods bcz of PCOD. could this mean implantation bleeding? Pls help me.

Hi, I Pill is known to cause irregular bleeding. Then again it may be implantation bleeding also. You need to be alert. I Pill has high failure rates. If you miss periods, meet a nearby Gynecologist for check up to diagnose pregnancy early.

Want to ask is intercourse during ovulation time with condom protection is considered safe ?? Is no tear in condom neither slip off condom…

Yes, it is safe

I have been married for an year. After 6 months my periods became irregular. My last period was on 29th May 2019… Negative pregnancy test and was prescribed meprate for 5 days twice a day. Two days after completing the course I experienced light spotting…the very next day there was white discharge…any chances of pregnancy

Hi, very unlikely for pregnancy, still do a blood test Beta HCG. It will confirm. Meet a nearby Gynecologist

Hi doctors Plz tell me is taking susten 200 before pregnancy is good .. i.e no effect on fetus… My family doctor told me to take susten so that my periods will come…

Susten is Progesterone hormone. It helps in growth of pregnancy. it is safe.

What are the six components of health?

Please apply this in the following order :-


I am 23 years old. But I am not obese. I am only 44 kg. Does metformin works for pcod?

Hi, it works better in obese patients. There are other options including non hormonal. Please meet your Gynecologist


How do Turk’s fluid act upon RBCs to lyse them?


In clinical situations, when patient is sick, to know his immunity status and level of infection, at times we require to count, the number of WBC- White Blood Cells in his blood. In a defined quantity of blood, this fluid is put. It will destroy the RBC- Red Blood Cell component of blood and stain WBC. Counting becomes easier then

You can click on this link and read technical article


I am 3 weeks pregnant, I am suffering from a allergy, can I take polaramine 2 mg tablet continue one months? Please suggest me doctor.

Hi, Polaramine is (dexchlorpheniramine) . It is an anti- allergic and generally considered safe for pregnancy. However a dose of 5 days is sufficient, such a long usage should not be required. If it is only nasal allergy- local sprays should work, they are safe. You can meet an ENT doctor

Hello, i m trying to conceive..i m having bitterness in mouth and light heartburn after 10 days of intercoz..Could this be early sign of pregnancy?

Hi, it may be because of early pregnancy. Please do urine pregnancy test and blood test Beta HCG to confirm

Hi, Lumbar spondalytis or cervical spondalytis b hai. Lkn kamar me bhut hi drd rehta hai. Uterus tuberculosis ka treatment lene se back me aaram hoga?

Hi, Treatment of Tuberculosis is suggested only if you are really having documented disease. These spine conditions require a spine specialist. Strengthening of muscles through YOGA may also help you, if done under expert guidance

Hi doc. Is taking beta hcg blood test, 10days after unprotected sex too soon for a test? I took a test 10 days after unprotected sex. I hope its ok

Hi, it may come positive. Then it is of value. If negative, you need to wait till menses are overdue and then repeat

I got married before 18 months. I am trying to get pregnant. I have pain due to vaginal dryness during intercourse. Can we use natural lubricants like coconut oil olive oil or aloe vera jell during intercourse. Please advise to avoid pain and vaginal dryness.

Hi, It is OK to use natural, non- irritating lubricants .It’s a proven medical fact that it may require 2 years of regular intercourse before, a couple becomes totally comfortable with it.
If you are looking to become pregnant- you can read this article, it will help you

6 Things To Remember If You Are Planning To Become Pregnant

I had sexual intercourse two weeks ago but he didn’t ejaculate inside me , or as matter of fact ejaculate anywhere at all. There was just some penetration for a minute that’s all. As a precaution I took the i-pill within 24 hours . Now my periods are one week away , yet I’m noticing a brown discharge or spotting . What does this mean?

Hi, I Pill is known to cause irregular bleeding, also the failure rates are high. If you miss periods, please check yourself for pregnancy by doing urine pregnancy test and blood test Beta HCG

What are the required tests and treatment for irregular menses?

-Your Gynaecologist will suggest some hormonal tests in blood. An ultrasound of pelvis will also be suggested.
-Depending on the test results, hormonal treatment of 3-6 months duration may be suggested to you

My wife is pregnant and running in 5th month now. She has been prescribed for anset (bennet mypher) tablet to stop vomiting as 5 tabs in a day. Is it right? I feel that 5 dosage in a day is a bit higher and can lead to any side effect on my wife and baby as well. Please help me on the same what should I do?

Hi, It is expected that nausea and vomiting of pregnancy would have settled by 5th month, if it is not, then first thing to do is LFT- Liver Function Test in blood in fasting, and an ultrasound of abdomen to specifically look for condition of liver and gall bladder. If everything is normal, this safe medicine can be given. Most of the time 3 times a day is sufficient. If not responding to 3 times, she may require admission in hospital for a day and IV fluids
You can watch this video , it will help you

Hello, i m trying to conceive. I had asfoeida(hing) mixed in food..Is it harmful for pregnancy? I m feeling bitterness in mouth and light heartburn. Is it because of hing or early sign of pregnancy? Plz help

Hi, most likely early pregnancy. Please check in urine and do blood test Beta HCG to confirm

Dear Dr., I had a ceasarian operation 8 months ago, I would like to know what kind of exercises I am allowed to from now on. Am I allowed to do high impact exercises? Currently I have no problems related to C-section. Best wishes

Hi, as per protocol, you can take on any form of exercise. Still, meet your Gynecologist first for a physical check up and get fitness clearance


Hi, I had unprotected sex on 9th July and checked using preg test kit on 11th july which was showing mild line and was confused. so for safe side took ipill on 11th of July and again on next day checked using pregnancy test kit the result was negative and was calm.Now i got my periods on 28 July but the discharge was less and no much cramps were there .Last month I had got my periods on 28th june.should I be worried ? Are these signs of spotting or its normal after use of ipill and called as light period ?Should I check again with pregnancy test kit ?

Hi, IPill causes lot of irregular bleeding. Failure rates also are high. I advise you to do blood test Beta HCG. It will confirm whether you are pregnant or not. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist as soon as possible

If scan shows 10 weeks pregnancy on 16 feb 2019..then when was my last lmp…can u calculate it for me..from scan report?

According to this, LMP is around 10 th December 2018 And your 34 th week must be running

My vagina is itching badly from past 3 days ..i had a very bad leg cramp so i could not visit doctor…what can i do at home to stop itchiness in my vagina…its itching and sometimes white colour discharge is also seen .pls help

Hi, please take a painkiller for your leg. Itching may be because of fungal infection. Medicine prescription can be given only after examining you. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist as soon as possible

28 weeks, grade 3 fundal posterior placenta, with cervical length of 2.7cm…is this normal at 28weeks.. Please suggest… Thanks

Hi, these sonography findings can be evaluated only after taking your detailed history and doing a physical examination. I am sure your Gynecologist will check you properly and answer all your queries.

I have been suffering from this disease since 2 years. I have cyst in my ovary.kindly suggest me homeopathy doctor in bangalore. I am 22 years old. I am worried about this. I have not got period since 3 months.

Hi dear, different pathies work differently. This platform is for Gynecologists . You can check availability of your chosen speciality in your locality.

I have craving for slate penicil in 8th month of pregnancy and i am eating 5 to 6 in a day..is it harmful??

Hi, this kind of craving generally indicates anemia, low hemoglobin. Please check your hemoglobin Slate pencil is not a food item. Please avoid eating it and meet a nearby Gynecologist

Dilemma in diagnosing early pregnancy

Cases of infertility are on rise.
Couples spent many months taking treatment for getting pregnant.
As soon as periods are missed, they become very happy.
The tests to diagnose early pregnancy are
1) Urine pregnancy test
2) Beta HCG

Does white discharge cause pelvic inflammatory disease ? Do pelvic inflammation affect to a virgin ?

Yes for both questions. Please get yourself checked by  nearby Gynecologist. Simple antibiotics can cure you

Hi. I am planning for a baby. doc has prescribed me cervifert tablet however I also have vitamin deficiency hence taking CNCal tablet and nuhenz tablets. is it safe to take these tablets along with cervifert??

Hi, generally clomiphene citrate tablets can be given with other medicines. Still I advise you to check with your Gynecologist before starting.

Hi Doctor, I’m pregnant and it is a 6weeks running. I’m getting pimples on my skin, mostly in upper lips which is very paining. What to do? Can you suggest any medicines to get rid of this immediately. Also suggest me a good cream during my pregnancy which will keep my skin good and glowing.

Hi, your pimples may be because of hormonal changes of pregnancy. Keep your face clean, use mild soap. If still not ok, meet your doctor. Any good moisturizer is alright to be used on body during pregnancy.

Please let me know if my semen report is alright or there is any issue in it and how I can cure it. Volume :- 2.5 ml Total Sperm Count :- 30 million/ejaculate Sperm Concentration:-12million/ml Agglutination :-Nil% Aggregation :- Nil Grade A- Rapid Progressive :-15% Grade B Slow progressive :-20 Grade C Non Progressive :-20 Grade D Immotile :- 45 Total motile sperm (A+B+C) :- 55 Normal Forms :- 60% Abnormal Forms :- 40% Head Defects :-20% Neck/Midpiece :- 30% IMPRESSION :- Oligospermia

Hi, some of the parameters in this report are not normal. For corrective action, your detailed history and physical examination is required. Which is possible only by your doctor who prescribed this test. Please meet your doctor as soon as possible

I am suffering from cervical warts from few months. I want to get a homeopathic treatment for this. Can you tell me if there’s any and its success rate?

Hi dear, this platform is for Gynecologists and allopathy treatment. We can only help you in this regard. A colposcopy by expert Gynecologist is definitely needed

When i raised my arms i see right breast dent 3 4 depress skin.. only in verygood light in mirror. not personally. when i pressed those dents its like theres something watery fluid or nothing underneath.. same right side swelling above collarbone to trapezius is swollen.. soft swelling

Hi dear, please go to a nearby Gynecologist and get yourself checked. May be a sonography is required

Hello, i missed period yesterday and getting symptoms of pregnancy..Can i check for pregnancy today in afternoon time?..its been 30 days now, my period cycle is 29 days..

You can but more reliable is blood test Beta HCG as it is an early stage

Hi, Is oral sex safe after marriage for sexual satisfaction? And if my hubby is abroad then masturbation is gud? What more I can do to get sexual satisfaction?

Hi, sexual preferences are individual’s choice, as long as hygiene is maintained. Masturbation is a safer practice in the absence of a partner for sexual satisfaction.

Undergone follicular study, have dominant one of size 12.8 mm on 15 day of cycle. What are chances of further growth n rapture?

Hi, this is not a good follicle growth in a woman with normal and regular cycles. You should have detailed consultation with your Gynecologist

My partner and I are looking for a pre marital screening and we have some doubts regarding problems we are facing. Where in bangalore can I get this done where we get some consulting too?

Hi You can comfortably approach any of the nearby clinic. The set of tests prescribed are standard. It include basic blood tests and ultrasound. For husband also some tests will be prescribed. You can read this article , it will help you https://fit.practo.com/#!/content/26913

Can I use chestron cold tablet when trying to conceive? Is it safe ? What are safe medication for cold when trying to conceive

Hi, you can use it.

Does Subchorionic bleeding inside the uterus heal on its own ?? I am 12 weeks now and saw it in an NT Scan even though there has been no bleeding outside .Have been prescribed with duphaston and the size of the bleeding is -2.1*0.56 cm.

Hi, at times this kind of bleeding is during doing sonography. Your gynecologist has already prescribed good medicines to take care. Please follow her advise. It is a good pregnancy and no harm will come to fetus

I have huge FSH level & AMH 0.9.I have iregular period(last period 3 months ago)Do u have ajurveda teatman for this problem,or clasic medical treatman

Hi, your report suggests that you are approaching menopause. Treatment for this is entirely different. You require supplements too to maintain bone health. Please meet your nearby Gynecologist

–10th-day-ET-mm-7.4 f1-20*18 f2-18*14- 12th-day-ET-8.7 f1-24*22 f2-19*17 14the day ovulation ..is it is normal I am able to concieve

Hi Yes, you are about to ovulate. You can have relations. Pregnancy can be achieved. Good luck

I have all symptoms of breast cancer stage 4 all but no lump and no mass shown in ultrasound.. what to do now. no gyne is taking me seriously.. my periods are not regular

Hi dear. If a disease is present, it will show on reports. Please do not self diagnose yourself of such a serious disease and take one more consultation with your doctor

I had sex in past life and want to get checked for any STDs now. What are tests should i take to check for STDs?

Hi, you can do following tests





Meet your family physician with the reports and protect yourself henceforth. Ask your partner to use condoms.

You can read this article it will help you


Hi I am under fertility treatment past 3 months. This month 2 eggs ruptured at 15 th day.i was advised to take duphaston past 17 days after stopping it was light bleeding like with discharge from yesterday night . Now I am confused which is spotting or period?! Pregnancy test result is invaild today morning.

Hi, you should wait for sometime. If you are pregnant, test will come positive , else, menses will come.

Which tablet is better for iron in pregnancy Glowcare XT or dexorange. Glowcare XT contains Spirulina,while dexorange does not? Plz clarify

Hi, these are just combinations. Whichever preparation is suggested by your doctor, is best for you

How do the medical companies recommend their medicines to doctors, so that they can prescribe to their patients?

Hi, Medical representatives of the company visit the doctor either in clinic or hospital periodically. They show their product monograph and tell about the details of their product. It is entirely a doctor’s decision, which product of which company to prescribe. The main determinant factor is credibility of the manufacturer.

Kindly tell me how i calculate date of conception from due date given in ultrasound report..if conception date not mentioned in ultrasound report

Hi, conception date is never mentioned in the report. No sonologist can know by doing a sonography, the day you had intercourse. It is known to you only. Conception conincides with ovulation that happens roughly 14-16 days from day of starting menses, if cycles are regular

I had unprotected anal sex with someone last year and again with some other person on april month in this year. So can i have a chance of getting stds because of having unprotected anal sex with multiple partners in different time.

Yes, Yes, and Yes Please be careful with your life if it is precious to you else be responsible for outcome.

How reliable are blood sugar readings from glucose meters?


These readings are pretty reliable when a diabetic patient wants to monitor his/ her blood sugar levels at home for purpose of taking insulin.

However these readings can not be used to diagnose Diabetes in a normal individual. For that, blood sugar levels in lab in fasting and PP are required

What pill I should take for early periods??I want to come my periods today or tommorrow? Plz help..tell me

Hi dear, Sorry, there are no medicines that we can give you that will get your menses by tomorrow. We only have progesterone tablets that can postpone menses for a couple of weeks safely. If that will provide solution to your situation, please meet a nearby Gynecologist for prescription

I am 5 weeks pregnant. I had an abortion 6 months ago after 6 weeks of conceiving. Now doctor has prescribed me sifasi aqua injection once a week and duphaston 10 mg twice a day along with macfolate and ecosprin once a day. Doctor has also prescribed me to take acivir 200 mg thrice a day as cmv test was positive in torch profile. I want to ask whether this combination of medicines is right to during pregnancy. My another question is it right to take speech injection and duphaston during this period.

Hi, The medicines that have been given to you are all safe. In case of previous miscarriage and depending on patient’s profile, we do give supplements like progesterone and hcg. What is best for you is that you discuss with your doctor in detail. If you find, medicines are in excess they can be reduced too with informed consent. Good luck to you.

Hi Doctor, I have missed my periods for a week and got negative pregnancy test result. Is there any pregnancy chances? Should I check after few days?

Yes, at times, delayed ovulation and resultant pregnancy gets detected late. Please do a blood test Beta HCG to confirm

I am 23 years old with pcos for a couple of years. I am on krimson 35 regularly over the past few years and had protected sex a couple of times over the last month and also my partner ejaculate in me during intercourse. However after I shifted to my hometown, my periods is 8 day late. I am really worried. What could be the reason?

Hi, krimson 35 if taken regularly and as prescribed, also works as birth control pill. Still, if you have missed periods, you should do pregnancy test in urine. It will guide you. If negative- don’t worry, period will come. If positive by any chance- consult a nearby gynecologist as soon as possible for you.

Can i eat white rice in one month pragnancy? Please suggest???what should i eat? Please sugges me???white rice is ok to eat and not?

All kinds of rice are ok. Eat normal home cooked food. Pregnancy is a natural state of women’s body not a disease.

I am 34. Gone through a miscarriage via d and c on 18 th feb. But I am still having light bleeding (25 days) with frequent pain in left side lower abdomen. I am taking duoluton l for last 2 weeks as prescribed. How can I stop bleeding? Please help. D and c was done on 40 days (5 weeks 5 days).

Hi, the proper thing to do will be to repeat an ultrasound of pelvis and see if any products or clots are still remaining inside. If everything is clear on that level, you need not worry. By next menses things will settle for you. Please go back to your gynecologist and have a check up.

Hey, i’ve had sex on 21st of june, he did not ejaculate in me. Two days after i had bleeding ( periods) that is on 23rd of june for 7 days. First two days were light, followed by heavy flow. i’ve still not got my periods, i do have very irregular periods. im just concerned about what might have happened. should i worry about pregnancy or its just my irregular periods problem. I do have to mention i have not taken an emergency contraceptive pills. help me out. As I got my periods soon after two days of having sex I thought there is no chance of pregnancy but now I’m worried.

Hi dear, please meet a nearby Gynecologist and get a ultrasound done along with blood test Beta HCG. Any further treatment should be under Gynecologist’s supervision

Hi, I have pcod. My question is normoz tablet is a birth control pill? It regularise my periods or not. I don’t want to have krimson. Please give brief explanation for normoz.

Normoz is not birth control pill. it is a supplements tablet. You can consult with your Gynecologist again and take it
You can read this article, it will help you

5 Tips to Solve the Problem of Irregular Periods

Key findings from my lab reports are cct urine 24 hrs is 56.7 (90 – 139 ml/min) urine microalbumin 52 (0 – 30 mg/dl) creatinine spot urine 33 mg/dl (30 – 125 mg/dl) micro albumin / creatinine ratio 157 (normal <30 microalbuminuria30-300 microalbuminuria>300) rbc- smear: normocytic mild hypochromic creatinine serum 1.07 mg/dl (0.8 – 1.3 mg/dl) usg shows all are normal, pre void volume is 347 cc post void residue is 2 cc I am having hypothyroidism 1.07 taking thyronorm 75 mcg and having bp -taking telmaxx25 (40 mg) please advise me what to do?

Hi, you need to take these reports and consult with your physician who advised these tests and is treating you for high BP and thyroid problem. He will give you best advise

My friend hasn’t got her periods it’s 12 days now and she was first getting white discharge and now she’s getting brown discharge could she be pregnant or is this may be something else

Hi, if she is sexually active, she should do urine pregnancy test, blood test Beta HCG, ultrasound and meet a nearby Gynecologist for proper advice.

Hi. I live in nairobi. I would like to purchase krimson 35 for 3 cycles. How can you assist me to receive the medicines? Thank you.

Hi, you need to check the availability in the nearby pharmacy. If not with this name- some alternative will be definitely available. These days online portals are also available

My mother suffering from urine infection. plz treatment is going how plz help what to do next… muuni devi

Hi, for any kind of infection, treatment should be on one to one basis. As medicine giving is not possible on this platform. Please meet your doctor again

I had missed abortion last year, but now I am pregnant with beta hcg level 32000 (6th week now), my lmp is 12.2.2019, my doctor asked me to take ovunal-sc 5000 and fragmin inj, is it good to use this injection? I have already taken twice since last week. Please advice.

when a woman has experienced missed abortion previously and is now pregnant, we do give some extra medicines in the form of tablets and injections. They are usually supplements of pregnancy hormones and safe in pregnancy.However you may discuss with your Gynecologist again for the duration of which they are required. Good luck

Hi, i had a positive pregnancy test but i have dark brown with light red discharge for 3 days. May i consider this as pregnancy or this is any other concern. Can you pls help me

Hi, in your scenario, there are many explations and implications. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist

Hello mam, my aunt is 5 months pregnant, and her doctor where she is taking treatment currently, prescribed her depin10 mg, with some other medicines, but after she took depin 10 mg, 3 times in a day (morning, afternoon and night) next day her feet got swollen and she also got fever. Now her fever is gone but feet are still swollen. Is there anything to worry? When will the swollen feet get normal? And is there any complications of this side effects in the pregnancy? Awaiting your answer.

Hi, This particular medicine is given for High BP-Blood Pressure. This swelling may be the result of high BP. If BP is well managed, there is nothing to worry, both mother and baby will be safe. But you need to follow all the advise of your doctor, including timely medication, rest and investigations.
You can watch this video and read this article, it will help you


I will be going to Goa on the 12th of August. My periods is supposed to start on the same day. Is there a way or any medicine to delay periods?

Yes, there is. But on public platform, medicine name can’t be prescribed. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist

Are patients entitled to their medical records?

Hi, usually a discharge card is given to all patients along with all reports. If you want complete record, you need to put application to Medical Superintendent stating the need of these records, which usually is reimbursement of medical bills and he can subsequently give it you the xerox copy

Which method is good for hair thickening ? Homeopathy ayurvedic alopethic etc please let me know my hairs are becoming thin day by day and it has taken a toll on my confidence i need to make them thick and back to life

Hi, allopathy may give quick relief as i know about only this pathy. There are many treatments available. Please meet a nearby skin specialist or Trichologist

We are expecting in 2 months. Heard a lot about stem cell preservation. What are the pros and cons of stem cell preservation?

Hi, if you prefer you can ask for a demo from concerned company and make an informed decision

I am 14 week pregnant i had testes double marker test on 13 week 3 day my free beta hcg level is 28.4 ng/ml and papp is 12.8 miu/ml is it normal kindly tell me

These values get plotted on a graph . Then only statistical risk estimation is done. It must be attached in your report. Evaluating this report is highly technical. Please take this report to your Gynecologist and discuss with her.

11 weeks pregnant on harmone therapy .scan done shows 1 cc blood in fundus how many days require for normalise condition already on bed rest for 20 days how much time bleed will take to resolve how risky it is for baby??

Hi. Please continue medicines and rest as per your Gynecologist’s advise.

My wife using krimson 35 tablets for 1 month after how many days to ovulation start.

Hi, your question is not clear. Ovulation doesn’t happen if a woman is taking Krimson

I have birth a child which age 1.5 Month old. Past 2 days I am suffering from cold and fever. I want to can I take paracamol 500 or Dolo 650 at this time becoz I am also taking medicines for fissure as mentioned. Please advise.

Yes. Paracetamol is safe. If fever doesn’t subside, please meet your doctor

Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant ..and having some nerve problem in my left leg .I have been told to have physiotherapy done ..which is specifically electrotherapy .Is electrotherapy safe during pregnnacy ?? Pls suggest .

Hi. electrotherapy can’t be given around any area which is close to abdomen. You can take cold fomentation instead.

My sister is sexually active with multiple partners.She had an ultrasonography for regular check up.(Report Attached). Result shows MINIMAL FREE FLUID IN POD. What does it mean.? Is it something serious ? Suggestions for her please.

Hi, it seems that she is having pelvic infection. She will require antibiotics course. It’s not serious. Take care

I have spotting between periods from 2 month I have done my Pap test last year it showed hpv changes not detected so is it necessary to do it again ? I don’t have thyroid.

Hi, you can repeat Pap’s smear. But you also require Ultrasound of pelvis. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist

If i used condom and not inserted and gave ipill..then what are the chances of pregnancy. I did it on 3rd feb and i gave her ipill her date was on 13th feb she got bleeding for 4 days from her date..and now she have little pain in abdomen and feeling of tightness.i did home pregnancy test once and it was negative. What are the chances?

Hi, A word of caution for all young couples. Please do not abuse emergency contraceptive pill. It has many side effects if taken indiscriminately and without medical advice. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=403179473596022&id=132666296798091 This Facebook video will show you some light Now the best thing is meeting a nearby Gynecologist. And take her help

I cannot cope with my feelings anymore I tried talking to 2 doctors on practo who told me I couldn’t get abortion at 16 and 18 weeks After which I found out mtp law

Hi, Meeting a nearby Gynecologist is what is recommended for you. By law of India , medical ,legal termination of pregnancy is allowed up-to 20 weeks of gestation. But you need to answer the question- why you want to terminate. You simply saying – I don’t want to continue with the pregnancy is NOT enough grounds for doing termination. The indication should be a valid one. Any doctor can refuse to take your case if indication is not valid and not within permissible limits of law. Please meet your Gynecologist in person as soon as possible. Online- you will not get advise, more than this

I had my 1 st child in 2015 now pregnant with 2nd child in my 22 week I desperately want to try for vbac Can you please tell which doctor or hospital can I contact in delhi

Hi, The Gynecologist who has been treating you so far is the best doctor for you. Please go back to her/ him

Can periods start while taking duphaston and susten? I m taking both the tablets and got positive pregnancy test.

Hi, congratulations for getting positive pregnancy result. You should continue both and meet your Gynecologist as soon as possible for further treatment plan

Hello docter.. I m 34 weeks pregnant.. I m suffering from from and full body pain last 3 days.. I went to docter she suggested me two injection for premature birth of my baby.. she also checked me by p.v. and told that there isn’t any problem like early delivery.. but still I am worried how to get rid from fever and body pain.. bcs my 9th month will b started from 22 august.. I am worried about my baby’s birth… Plz answer me

Hi dear, in this season fever is a very common problem. However you should get some blood tests done on recommendations of your doctor if fever does not become OK. Please meet your Gynecologist

Hi Last week I took sperm test in digital lab. Please find the attached report and tell me whether its enough or not

Hi, the count is OK but motility seems to be low. This is a computer generated report. Please meet your doctor with the report and you may ask if manual reporting will be better in your case

I have missed my periods. How can I be sure that I am pregnant?

A) There are three ways of knowing
1)Pregnancy test in urine
2)Blood test- Serum Beta HCG

Wife conceived- She missed her period, it’s been 10 days from regular period missing so we took prefab test it shows positive so when can we consult Gynaecologist to continue pregnancy. It’s just 10 days. So advise me when do we consult doctor?

A Gynecologist’s consultation should be sought as soon as possible. in first visit a general physical check up is done and vitamins are prescribed for healthy pregnancy

I am having to go to pass urine frequently and its burns when I pass urine. There is pain in lower abdomen too. What may be the cause? What should I do?

These symptoms are suggestive of urine infection. You should get the urine test done and start antibiotics course on advice of your doctor

I need a wait loose my wait is 85 kg. Over wait an backe pain stress. Many problems in my body pls any other tips any ideas give me doctors

Hi, there are only two ways. Diet control and exercise. Avoid high carbohydrates, fried foods. Meet a dietitian. Exercise with caution under an experienced trainer

There is a family function at home and my periods are coinciding with it. Is there any medicine that can be taken now so that I can prepone it?

There are no medicines available to prepone menses. However, hormonal medicines can be taken on advice of Gynaecologist which can postpone the menses.

Trying from past 2 years but unable to conceive. All reports are normal. Taking Azma V sometimes because it is increasing my weight.

Hi,we need to look into all your reports. As a baseline, usually ultrasound, ovulation and HSG test , with hormonal profiles are done for female. Are all these normal. What about semen test? http://www.mygynaecworld.com/medical-investigations-of-couple-seeking-fertility-update-24-2-19-what-is-sub-fertility-when-to-investigate/ Please read this article it will help you

We had an abortion 15 days back, and after that we got intimate last night, and while in the middle of things, somehow our protection got out of its place, so now is it safe for us to have use iPill now, or even is it required ?

Hi, ovulation is erratic after an abortion. You may become pregnant. Emergency contraceptive pill has many side effects. Don’t take it on your own. Meet your nearby Gynecologist

I had my last period on 20 th February and I had my last intercourse on 18 th of March.I am on Saheli Contraceptive since 2016.I didn’t get my period after that.I am worried.I had my 2pregnancy tests by home test kit on 9th April and 22 nd April and both were negative.is there any chance to get pregnant with this condition? Is there any other way to confirm that if I am pregnant or not? Please help.

Hi, with Saheli, it is a common side effect for periods to be delayed, at times for months. I am pretty sure that you are not pregnant. Still , if you want to confirm, do a blood test-Beta HCG, and an ultrasound. Meet a nearby Gynecologist and consult further

Previously I asked about after taking mtp . It work and bleeding start on 6july19 . Then on 23 july my prega news test was negative . and then I asked you about my next date of my period .. my 1st period (after MTP) start on 5 aug 19 and stop till 9aug 19 but this time I had some more bleeding with clots .. Then I again do pregnacy test and again it,s negative . Plz tell me why bleeding was more and is it possible my test was negative and I am pregnant.. ( after taking mtp and when bleeding and clots comes out after mtp ). I m thinking to do one more pregnacy test Thanks

Hello dear. Online consultation has a limit to advise. Please don’t get so confused and meet a nearby Gynecologist and get yourself sorted

I am newly married woman and don’t want to become pregnant. What precaution can I use?

Oral contraceptive pills are a very good option. Seek your doctor’s advice before starting and to know how to take them correctly. They are coitus independent, free from side effects and have very good efficacy. You can also ask your husband to use condoms regularly.

I have a pcod. How can quer this disease. And I don’t have regular period. Please help me. I am married. I want Praganet. Please help.

Hi, PCOD is a disorder of hormonal imbalance and lifestyle disorder. Taking healthy diet , exercising regularly, losing weight may naturally cure your problem. Further , hormonal treatments are available. Don’t worry so much. Seek opinion of a nearby Gynecologist

I had 23 days of bleeding in 2nd month of pregnancy…but now everything is ok…can i take kesar in milk in 9th month of pregnancy???

Hi , all natural products taken in moderate amount are good for health

My family is completed and I want to go for permanent sterilization. Will my menses become irregular if I do operation?

Permanent sterilization operation for females involves surgical blocking of Fallopian tubes. Ovarian and uterine function which are responsible for getting menses remain undisturbed. Your menses will remain normal after tubectomy operation.

I am 9th month pregnant. I had cervical stitches during my 4th month of pregnancy. How much time taken for delivery to remove cervical stitches ? Can anthesia is given or not for remove cervical stitches? Which type of activities I do after removal stitches? Please guide me.

Hi, Cervical stitch has done it’s job already in helping the pregnancy to go uneventful and till term. You can now remove it anytime. No anesthesia is required. Normal activity should be continued till delivery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf-UQZ8h8t4&t=23s You can watch this video, it will help you

Having yolk sac 7.1 mm at 7 weeks is it a danger sign? Will it lead to misscarriage? Pls explain me how will this effect fetus? Wt shd b the yolk sac size?

Hi, At 7 weeks duration, your sonography should be showing heartbeats of the fetus. If it is present, relax and continue taking Folic acid tablets. If not, consult your nearby Gynecologist

I want to know , Can incomplete abortion leads to pregnacy.. Just want to know because I saw on some YouTube video .. where they show incomplete abortion leads to pregnacy… Thanks

Hi, the question is invalid as you yourself are not pregnant. Why worry.

Can we do sex or not during pregnancy? Please someone can tell me……….

Hi, sex is what that leads to pregnancy. True or false. Your answer will be your answer.

Which period of menstral cycle is most safe with minimum sideeffects for unwanted 72 to be taken for unprotected intercouse.

Hello dear. Please note that unwanted 72 is designed to be taken on emergency basis. If sex has happened without plan. Now you are well aware that it is going to happen. Unwanted 72 has high side effects and higher failure rates. Why get into all that. Please meet a nearby gynecologist and use regular method of contraception on her advise. Stay safe

Vidhi was diagnosed with anaemia by a local dr. he prescribed bizfer xt tablet and zincovit tablet. After taking medicine she got fever and weakness. Local dr prescribed a medicine rabeprazole gastri resistant tablet ip 20 mg and macleods . But in recent blood report she is having RBCS shows mild hypoxchromic , microcxytic(++).

Hi, fever may be happening due to unrelated causes. Some more blood tests may be required other than CBC. Please meet your doctor again

Ipill taken on 18/3/19 after a condom mishap and got periods on 19/3/19 normal flow consistency and duration of 4-5days which was LMP. Now there’s a delay in menstruation. UPT is negative as on 26/4/19. Should we wait for few more days and take the test again?

Hi, Emergency contraceptive pills are known to cause irregularity of next menses. If pregnancy test is negative- no need to worry.Just wait, continue using protection, menses will resume.

My wife is breastfeeding mother , my baby is 3 month old . My wife is suffering from common cold from last night , so prescribe the medicine of common cold for my wife . Prescribe such medicine which will not comes out through breast milk .

Hello dear. Please meet your doctor. Online medicine prescription on free platform is not allowed.

Female age 24 years having pregnancy of 6 months 15 days as on today. I have fibroid outside the uterus. Doctor recommended the treatment as 1. Gestofit 200 mg 2. Maintane 3. Feredet 4. Cal 360 5.argipreg sachet 6 mg 6. tidilan 10 mg all medicines are on daily basis since I am pregnant doctor recommended complete bed rest but I have my annual exam from 22 may 2019 to 2 june 2019. When I asked the Dr. About the exam doctor completely refused to allow me for exams and said that your pregnancy is complicated so avoid your master degree exam this year but my one year got wasted. I am taking this treatment since pregnancy. I met the doctor on 20th may 19 doctor said everything is ok heartbeat is also ok. But Dr. suggested do not attempt any kind of exam. Please help me in this situation and let me know is this treatment ok.

Hello dear, you need to keep more faith in the doctor who is seeing and treating you since start of pregnancy.
If a decision is made by her, she would have considered so many factors including physical examination. She has access to you, I don’t.
I advise you follow her advise and have a safe pregnancy.

Hi I have tsh level 12.5 for tha past 2 weeks I am taking thyronorm 75 mg in empty stomach. But for the past 5 days I am bleeding daily but flow level is low. What is the cause? How can I get relief? Can I try for pregnancy at this time? Is it safe for baby if I pregnant?

Hi, it is preferable if Thyroid levels are under control before conception. Since you are already taking the medicines, it should not be a problem. Please meet your Gynecologist again

I am pregnant. Lmp is 16/03/2019. I did home pregnancy test and the results is positive. When should meet doctor? Last time I got ectopic pregnancy. Now I need to know my pregnancy is normal or ectopic? Please suggest me.

Hi, you should meet a nearby gynecologist as early as possible. Though chances are high that this pregnancy is in normal location, still, an early ultrasound will be required to confirm. Good luck.

Have low hcg value of 0.6miu/ml after 2week of missed period nd again bhcg of 0.6 miu/ml after 3 days of first hcg test is it ectopic pregnancy?

Hi, the levels are of no pregnancy. Please do an ultrasound on advise of your Gynecologist

I have pcod. Doctor prescribed me metformin 3 times a day and myonext 1 time after meal at night. Yesterday I started taking medicine. I am feeling very inactive and sleepy. There is some sensation in head also.

Hi, probably your dosage need to be adjusted and lower dosage are required in the beginning. You can eat some sweets for relief. Please contact your gynecologist again for rescheduling of medicines.

Is it healthy if we can prepone menstrual cycle ? And how can it be done naturally Only for once.

Hi, it is alright to postpone menses on occasions, but you need to take hormones for that, natural methods are not known.Please meet a nearby Gynecologist for prescription

Itching outside the opening value of vagina every month after period slite itching but when we intimate it becomes more lightly inside also and white thread like discharge appears sometimes smells sometimes no smell fed up using medicine everymonth Kindly explain what is my problem n treatment also any home remedies

Hi, it seems you are having persistent fungal infection. A vaginal pessary that is used weekly for 6 weeks along with probiotics and local hygeine will help you. Do a CBC and blood sugar levels also.

My periods come 40 to 45 days so I am having irregular periods , how to get my periods correctly plz help me and clear my doubts

Hi, have you done ultrasound, hormones test in blood. Most common reason for your age group is PCOS. Easily correctible.

Meri pregnancy lagbhag 66 days ka hai ish se jyada ka nahi hoga kya ish time me zydus mifegest ka prayog kar abortion ho sakta hai. Its urgent please guide me.

Hello dear. Your pregnancy is almost 10 weeks.
The bleeding with these tablets will be very heavy, uncontrollable and life-threatening.
Please do not take these tablets. You are advised to meet a nearby gynecologist and have a safe abortion by d&e.

am 43 year old. Since february month I take meprate tab. Because I have adenomyosis. And I am stopping on 13 marchmarch. But my menstrual bleeding starts 22nd march only little bit and after 2. 3 days same menses. And after 26thagain little bit bleeding 3 days. Again I start 1st april up to 21st. But on 16th I have lit bit brown discharge. Again I consult my gynecologist she gave me regestrone 16 night. After twice a day till 20th april. I have religious function on 21st. Can I postponed my menses till 21st. Taking twice a day regestrone and one tab in night meprate pls help me I am very afraid about my menses because I have fixed date for pooja on21st l.

Hi dear, I understand your situation. Adenomyosis can be difficult to manage on medication. Still there are certain temporary drugs which can help you for a couple of days. Your gynecologist only can prescribe it. Also I advise you to discuss hysterectomy if your family is complete.

I have to felay period for today for that i had taken med from thur primolout n for thrice bt yesterday i had taken only 2 med last at 6 pm nd now there is drop of bleeding should i continue taking medicine or now dere is no option… Plz rply

Hi, you may take the forgotten tablet today and continue as usual for today’s schedule

I had my last period on 25 th of dec after taking an ipill and today is 31st of Jan and I am still not mensurated this month so I really want to know why my periods are delayed this much ….

Hi, did you check your urine for pregnancy. One more test in blood, Beta HCG can also be done to arrive at diagnosis. Delay can very well be because of pill that you took.

I am 15 years old and I want to start using the birth control pill called yaz or yasmin as contraception as I am sexually active and for my skin. I just wanted to know if starting birth control at this age would be safe, I have read through the side effects and I highly doubt I will have them as many of my friends are on this pill and do not have side effects. I am not concerned about it impacting my height as I have already gotten told by my doctor that I have reached my complete height. I do smoke sometimes if this impacts taking birth control I will stop. Thank you for your help.

Hi, regular birth control pill is the most sensible choice. However, you are very young. Please consult a nearby gynecologist and take pills only after check up and consultation. Be safe.

7th day of my periods ,the egg size is 9mm..is it very small? For iui the egg size must be in 18-20mm?

Hi, this size is OK for 7th day, don’t worry, continue treatment, it will increase

Hi m facing pcod problem after taking meprate 10mg for 5 days its been post 9 days today i noticed that there was an light thick bleeding occurring not much. does this is an menstrual doctor suggested me to take some test shall i go head now?

Hi, Meprate will cause only withdrawal bleeding. It is not going to cure PCOS. For that some other medicines are prescribed.

Does lactare tablet can help to get breast milk without delivery. Or any other tablet is there to get breast milk before delivery.

Hi dear, any specific reason that you want breast milk before baby’s arrival.
Nature is very balanced. Your body will produce milk only after delivery.
Do not try these medications

I had a miscarriage now planning to conceive but have pcod size of eggs are not very proper what should i do

Hi, PCOS is because of hormonal imbalance. There are medicines available for it. Lifestyle modification including healthy diet and exercises are necessary. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist, she will help you

I am having pain after peeing. Sometimes watery red blood also flows. And white discharge is flowing too.

Hi, your history suggests urine and vaginal infection. You require physical examination by your Gynecologist. A course of antibiotics and vaginal pessaries will take care of you.

Galact powder lena chaiye after dilevary me thaiyroide problem me milk supply ke liye.

Hi,This powder is food supplements. You can take.

My periods started on 18th August and ended on 23rd August and i had unprotected sex on 25th August So my question is if i should take ipill ? And if yes then what are the side effects?

Hi, Emergency contraceptive pill seems to be only choice. However the side effects are many. You should consult a nearby Gynecologist first thing in the morning and adopt a regular method of contraception to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy

Hi , my LMP was 18 December. It met doctor on 30 jan.doc gave 2 tablets at hospital and inserted 2 tab vaginally. I got bleeding.in my first pad, bleeding with clots and some tissues and embryo.like structure.then bleeding was normal like a period. Doc adviced me to cum to hospital post bleeding ends. I want to know whether abortion success. How to clean the remains of abortion which is still in uterus naturally.wat kind of foods I have to take to clean abortion complete ly.

Hi, it seems the process of abortion is complete for you. It is good advice to go back to your Gynecologist for check up. She may do one more ultrasound to check for completeness. Nothing else needs to be done.

On march 5th my last period’s day end. After that I had intercourse many times with my partner. Last period’s started on feb 26th ended on march 5th. Till now I didn’t my period’s it’s almost become 2 months I had checked with pregnancy test also its negative all the time. I visited to a gynaecologist she suggested me meprate day and night for 5 days. Course is abt to end but yet no symptoms i’m feeling lik periods i’m worried please help me out.

Hi, after completing course of meprate, you need to wait for a minimum of 10 days to get your periods. Till then ,do not take any other medicine. If still no menses, then hormonal imbalance needs to be ruled out by doing an ultrasound and blood tests.
Don’t worry, your gynecologist is taking good care of you.

I did my pregnancy test with preganews,I have got one dark line and another very faint line.does it mean I am pregnant or not?

Hi , this can be an early pregnancy. You can do confirmation by doing a blood test Beta HCG. Meet a nearby Gynecologist with the report

Hello, My wedding festives start from 26th feb itself and my last period was Jan 24 , i want to get my periods before this date last time my doctor gave me deviry , so has she this time, when is the right time to take this medicine to get periods earlier.

Hi, pre ponement of menses is a risky business. You may still get irregular bleeding on that exact date. It’s better to postpone menses by using same medicine. Go back to your doctor to understand dosage schedule

Hi, after taking misoprostol tablet. Bleeding came after 48 hrs. And continued only for 4 days. Is it complete abortion process.

The amount of bleeding depends on the duration of pregnancy. If your pregnancy was early, this much bleeding is alright.
However, we always prefer to repeat an ultrasound after 15 days of taking abortion tablets to confirm that process is complete.
You can do that to be safe and sure.

Hi doc does implantation bleeding occur 2 days after intercourse please doc reply i am too scared she is bleeding from last 2 days

Hi, it may happen, but implantation bleeding usually is not very heavy. It gets over within a day or two. If it is not settling, you need to meet a nearby Gynecologist and get her checked.

My sperm count is 192 million after abstaining sex from three days. We are planning for baby and we planned to have sex on ovulation day and prior two days. Suppose 11,12,13,14,15 are fertility days. Am I supposed to have sex on all five days or alternate days also sufficient? If I need to have sex daily, Il my sperm have enough quantity and quality to meet egg?

Hi, this sperm count is good enough. Do not worry so much and do not make it so calculative. It will make you stressed out and drive your wife crazy. Intimacy is not just physical actt. Intention, volition and pleasure should be involved, then only a beautiful creation of life is possible. Trust me, make a loving family.

Female age 24 years having pregnancy of 6 months 15 days as on today. I have fibroid outside the uterus. Doctor recommended the treatment as 1. Gestofit 200 mg 2. Maintane 3. Feredet 4. Cal 360 5.argipreg sachet 6 mg 6. tidilan 10 mg all medicines are on daily basis since I am pregnant doctor recommended complete bed rest but I have my annual exam from 22 may 2019 to 2 june 2019. When I asked the Dr. About the exam doctor completely refused to allow me for exams and said that your pregnancy is complicated so avoid your master degree exam this year but my one year got wasted. I am taking this treatment since pregnancy. I met the doctor on 20th may 19 doctor said everything is ok heartbeat is also ok. But Dr. suggested do not attempt any kind of exam. Please help me in this situation and let me know is this treatment ok.

Hello dear, you need to keep more faith in the doctor who is seeing and treating you since start of pregnancy.
If a decision is made by her, she would have considered so many factors including physical examination. She has access to you, I don’t.
I advise you follow her advise and have a safe pregnancy.

The marina was inserted 6months before but even today their is a spoutings daily is it good to remove r not am confused plss give me suggestions

Hi, Mirena was put as contraceptive method or to control irregular menstruation. This device can cause some irregular spotting. Usually it settles on its own. Don’t worry.

Hello…taking susten for three day once a day make periods flow less?? And if after few days of taking susten bleeding come then it’s normal period???

Hi, This medicine usually is not given for menstrual irregularities. What was the problem that this tablet was given.

THS: 6.61lU/ 0.34 5.6 N RC T3: 159.96 ng/dL 87.0 178.0 N RC T4: 5.87 ug/dL. 6.09 12.23 N RC

Hi, you need to repeat this test after two weeks. Don’t start any medicine for such levels

I am breastfeeding and I want to postpone my periods. Any medicine or any natural way for postponing my periods?

Hi, breastfeeding itself is the natural way to postpone menses. When it comes to medicines, we only have option of hormones, which in any combination are not recommended for you. Progesterone only tablets can be given but to get a prescription, you need to meet your nearby Gynecologist.

Rashes & inflamation around private part of Virginia which causes irritation. Tried everything but no effect.

Hi, you have not provided details about you, like marital status, working or not, blood sugar levels. These days we are seeing a lot of resistant vaginal infection in the women owing to the fact that women are working and have to use English style toilets outside, which mandates that a lot of your private parts will be in touch with the toilet seat. Cleanliness can not be insured always. Long term probiotics and anti fungal therapy may be needed. Please meet a dermatologist is no relief

Hi doctor I have pcod was delayed in periods . Doctor gave me Primolut N I took primolut N for 5 days and yesterday I started bleeding little today it’s heavy with clots . Is it normal?

Hi, when you take any kind of hormone- Progesterone to get menses( withdrawal bleeding), the pattern of menses may be irregular.If bleeding continues to be heavy, consult your Gynecologist again

I had a medical abortion after abortion I got my periods at the end of month but now periods gone but again I feel gas in my stomach always. This gas hurt too if not passing is it normal

Hi, , abortion tablets and antibiotics course afterwards may cause gas and acidity. You will benefit from a good antacid syrup or tablet. If still not ok, please meet your nearby Gynecologist.

Can ectopic pregnency be detected by urine pregnency test , i mean, like normal pregnency is detected by urine pregnency test, can a ectopic pregnency give urine pregnency test positive, before diagnosis by any other way? when it can give urine pregnency test positive?

Hi, Urine pregnancy test only detects whether a woman is pregnant or not. For absolute confirmation, an ultrasound is required. Beta HCG in blood may give some idea , but interpretation should be done by an expert Gynecologist only. Please meet your doctor and clarify your issues further

I had periods on 13th of April. Which lasted till 19th april. Exactly on 19th we got into unprotected sex. He ejaculated on my breast. And i washed it later. Is there any chance of pregnancy if the semen entered my vagina when i washed

Hi, The facts of the matter are like this – Pre-ejaculation seminal fluid is known to contain sperms, hence ejaculating outside may still make you pregnant. Chances are less but not nil. -Further, sperms have capacity to survive in vagina for many days. Unprotected intercourse can make a woman pregnant later.Chances are less but not nil. -If you miss period, check yourself for pregnancy

I feel a nerve swelling inside the hole of my vagina.. its more than 3 months if i touch it inside near the hole i can feel sort of some nerve swelling… does not pain at all.. but never had this swelling.. what is it? How do i treat it?

Hi, you need a physical check from your nearby Gynecologist. It may be a cyst due to some infection and may get cured with antibiotics.

My periods were due on May 7th, but they haven’t started yet. I experienced nausea on the night of May 6th while eating out at a restaurant. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of pregnancy, hence the doubt. I’m sexually active but we always use contraception. I have been having anxiety attacks ever since that episode of nausea. I also took a home pregnancy test on the morning of 7th May, but the result was invalid. I’m confused what to do now, because my periods are usually very regular despite having PCOD. Kindly help me with this.

Hi, You can do one more test, in blood, Beta HCG. Reports will be available within a day. If this test is non-pregnant, chances are that menses will start in day or two. Don’t worry so much if you have used contraception regularly

I had my period on 27th November till 2nd December n had unprotected intercourse on 5th December. had an emergency pill immediately in an hour. I haven’t had my period properly since then. I have had spotting about every 15 days. I did UPT twice, last one last week and both were negative. Please help

Hi, it seems emergency contraceptive pill did its job and prevented pregnancy. However they are notorious for causing irregular bleeding for a long time. Please meet your nearby Gynecologist for a check up and tablets to control bleeding.

Hello Doctors, We are trying for a baby and getting treatment through gynaecologist, on this month my wife getting delayed in periods actually period should come on 7th May but still not also wife have symptoms like backpain, Morning sickness, Giddiness. So my question is when can do a urine pregnancy test in home also when we go to doctor for a confirmation? Please advise. Thanks

Yes, first hing to do is urine pregnancy test at home. Instructions to do it correctly are written on the packet. You can check with your Gynecologist too,she will help you. Good luck

I m 22 weeks 4 days pregnant I don’t feel any baby movement which makes m feel that I have no sign of pregnancy . I m fat weight 93 . Is it normal whn I will start feeling my baby movement . Only my belly makes m feel pregnant apart from that nothing .

Hi, your abdominal fat might be masking feeling of baby movements. If your ultrasound is nori, don’t worry

Hi, We are planning for a baby. My wife has normal period from last couple of months. Her period is due on 9th feb. Yesterday (3rd feb) she got a very light/very lil spotting. Any idea what is the symptom of this.? Is that Implantation Bleeding.?

Hi, it could be implantation bleeding if she has conceived this time. Just wait and watch. Folic acid tablet should be started. Take a urine pregnancy test if periods are missed.

Hello dr…m worried m 14 weeks 4 days pregnant n whn i press my brest some liquid is coming so it is normal or something to worry about…whan can happen with this problem …

Hello dear, It is absolutely normal . Your breasts are preparing for lactation. Relax

I had sexual intercourse on 20th and on 21st morning and I took the contraceptive pill on 21st night . It’s been 7 days by now . I’m having mood swings and feeling irritated as well these symptoms I get when I’m about to get my period . So I will get my period right ?

Hi, time and again we have been telling this, that emergency contraceptive pill is hazardous, full of side effects and failure rates. Please use regular methods of contraception like daily oral contraceptive pill or condoms. Right now, you need to wait for your menses to come. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist if you are not feeling well

Hi Doctor, Please suggest best birth control pills and how to start it.also do we need to use condom if I taking birth control pills?

Hi, Govt promoted, over the counter available Mala-D is good enough. Cheap and quality contolled. You should start first packet on day one of starting menses. If taken regularly , there is no need to use condoms along with it. However I advise you to meet a nearby Gynecologist for complete instructions as certain blood tests should be done before starting the tablets.

From past 6 months I am having lump like feeling in my right breast in outer part . I consulted the surgeon she said it ‘s not a lump only some granulations present . It does not hurt me . Only on pressing sometimes it pains and that too before menses . What it could be ? Do I need any treatment

Hi , a surgeon has already checked you physically and said that it is okay. You can do an ultrasound too , for further mental peace. Don’t worry so much, probably no treatment is required.

Muscular pain weight reduce and face fat also reduce All the time feel laziness,Tsh level 6.84 taking medication thyroxion

Hi, this level is not controlled. Do a hemoglobin test also. Meet your doctor with the report.

Hi Doctor, I am newly married and wanted to know the best way of contraception. Shall I go with birth control pills or any other contraception like condoms. Please suggest the best contraception method.

Hi, it depends on the time of your menstrual cycle. Birth control pills are an excellent choice , 100 % effective from the day you start. Coitus independent. But first packet needs to be started on first day of the menses. If timing is not right for you, use condoms, every time. Till you start your next menstruation. Then you can switch to pills

My 33 year old wife 3 month suffering Low bleeding in preiod time and I use birth control piel safe use

Hi, if she started using birth control pills only since last 3 months, then less bleeding can be because of pills, don’t worry. If not, then some hormone problem may be there. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist,she will help you.

I am 26 weeks pregnant. I am getting some white sticky discharge from vagina. I also noticed it earlier in pregnancy but thought it is cervical mucus. It’s not much in quantity. It is very little to surround my vaginal opening and sometimes little bit on my inner. But it has weird bad smell. Sometimes smell is strong and sometimes it is not so strong. Please help me if it is normal or some infection.

Hi, this seems like an infection. You need to be started on oral and locally applicable medicine. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist for the check up and prescription

I was taking primolut n one day a tablet, as i was going to goa this monday and wanted to delay my periods.But today I saw patches of blood but it was not periods. What was it and should I continue taking the pill

Hi, to postpone menses with this particular tablet, you should have taken it three times a day. Did you consult your Gynecologist before starting these tablets. This bleeding may or may not turn into periods. If you wish to stop it, please check with your doctor

In the month of April I had my normal period but then I missed it in the month of may. In the month of June & July I had my normal flow but then again I missed my period in the month of August.

Hi, this seems like a hormonal imbalance. Most likely PCOS. An ultrasound and blood tests need to be done. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist for help

I had my ultrasound scanning (30 weeks ,2 days) . Placenta thickness is 7.6 cms. Please let me know if this is an issue? Also suggest what measures needs to be taken care in order to avoid further complications.

Hi dear, when we want to see health of placenta, we generally see the grading of maturity, on a scale of 1-3. If baby’s health is okay, I think it is a normal finding. Please check with your Gynecologist again

This month i am having vaginal fungal infection for the third time . My labia majora is swollen and there us itching and the vaginal discharge is curd like not smelly . What is the cause and how can i prevent it ? Please i wanna know its really uncomfortable.

Hi, weekly dose of oral antifungal medicine needs to be taken for a period of one month. Probiotics and local application is also required. For prescription you need to meet a nearby Gynecologist.

Period delayed by 4 months. PCOD detected. Mafret 25 prescribed. Period has started after taking the prescribed medicine. Amount of period is less and blackish period is there. Pain in body. What to do?

Hi, PCOS is a disorder of hormonal imbalance. You need to take specific medicines for a period of at least 3 months. Please meet your Gynecologist for prescription.

Are fibroids and uterus focal mass same thing .In ultrasound report its written no focal mass seen in uterus does it mean that no fibroid is seen in uterus ?

Most likely no fibroids are seen. Final call can only be taken after seeing the images. I advise you to meet your Gynecologist with the report

Hello. Plz tell me what is oligohydramnios? Does it effecty baby. Is there smthing about to worry ? Is there any risk to my baby. More over weight of my baby is also low. Will there be everything fine.

https://www.practo.com/healthfeed/why-amniotic-fluid-water-around-baby-is-important-for-healthy-pregnancy-25140/post Hi , hopefully this article will answer most of your questions.

Endoscopy queries Y it is done?…pre and post medications? Does is require hospital stay?how to read the reports of the same?

Hi, endoscopy in Gynecology is done for many reasons. Some indications are diagnostic and some therapeutic depending on patient’s complaint. It requires hospital admission. Medications will be explained by your consulting doctor

I had unprotected sex last night, can i take ipills? Is that safe? And if yes then what should be the dose?

https://www.practo.com/healthfeed/emergency-contraceptive-pill-do-s-don-ts-37713/post This article will answer all your questions regarding emergency contraceptive pill. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist before taking any pill.

Having pregnancy checked today.Last period date is 06.04.2019 . This is my 2nd baby and want to know about proper diet for a best baby

Hi, healthy diet for pregnancy should include right amount of all ingredients , carbohydrate, protein, minerals, vitamins, fats. For a diet chart , you can consult a nearby nutritionist

It’s been one month and 10 days post delivery. I have been experiencing hard motion due to which I have noticed a small cut in anal opening.i took laxative as suggested by doctor but now I am feeling itching around the anal area. What should I do.

Hi, a local examination needs to be done by your Gynecologist. Probably some fungal infection is there. Don’t worry, treatment is easy. Please meet your doctor for prescription

Reasons for Why Cyst comes in ovaries Reasons for Why Cyst comes in ovaries Reasons for Why Cyst comes in ovaries Reasons for Why Cyst comes in ovaries Reasons for Why Cyst comes in ovaries

Hi dear, asking once was enough. The reason is hormonal imbalance

My wife is 4 week pregnant. In sonography result we come to know there is Sub chorionic bleed of size 14x8mm just inferiorly to the sac. Is it serious thing? Or is it a indication of any future complication?

Hi, it is too early a pregnancy to give any opinion. I advise you to continue rest, progesterone supplements and repeat a USG after sometime to check for fetal growth. Please meet your Gynecologist

Hi, Doctor prescribed me sevista 30 mg for breast pain in an alternative day for 3 months. May it affect my menstrual cycle? Is there any rules to the starting time of the drug?

Hi, if this tablet is given for breast pain, the only rule to be followed is take it thrice in a week. And this you are already doing.
Periods are likely to get delayed or stop for a couple of months after using this medicine.
They will become normal, later

I had my periods in June: from 26th-30th and in July: from 28th-1st august. Today is 31st and i haven’t got my periods yet. My periods usually shift from one date to the other but i didn’t even have sex, then why my periods aren’t here yet? I’m worried.

Hi, the reason may be as simple as stress or hormonal imbalance. If you are worried about pregnancy, do a test in urine to check. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist for further advice

I am 33 years old woman and I was having breast pain in both sides for which doctor prescribed me primosa 1000 and axillary pain in right underarms for which Dr. prescribed me sevista 30 mg thrice a week. I got rest in my pain but my period has been stopped since last 2 months. My last period date was the 13th March and I started medicine from 8th March. Since from 30th april, I stopped taking both medicines. My period will continue or not for how many days I should wait?

Hi, your doctor must have explained to you that Sevista tablet may cause your menses to stop temporarily for a couple of months. Now that pain is gone, stopping tablets and waiting for periods to come, will be right approach. Don’t worry

I am 5 weeks pregnant and suffering from severe tooth ache… Should i visit a dentist and take treatment for tooth ache… Will it affect my pregnancy?

Hi, please meet a nearby dentist. Explain that you are carrying an early pregnancy. Safe medicines are available. Don’t suffer.

I had a medical abortion after abortion I got my periods at the end of month but now periods gone but again I feel gas in my stomach always. This gas hurt too if not passing is it normal

Hi, , abortion tablets and antibiotics course afterwards may cause gas and acidity. You will benefit from a good antacid syrup or tablet. If still not ok, please meet your nearby Gynecologist.

Hello doctor, Meri wife ko aaj first time bleeding mai pieces aa rahey hai aaj tk kbi aisa nhi hua 10 years me, Vo safi bhi le rahi hai uske vajah se to nhi hui hai problem.

Hi, some menstrual irregularities may happen at times. Mostly they don’t get repeated and don’t require treatment too. If you are worried , please take her to a nearby Gynecologist


Hi i had D&C about 2 months back since then i did not have periods. I was recently asked to to ultrasound which was normal endometrial thickness was 7 mm and no findings . Thyroid and prolactin was also in range . I did all these tests 14 days back and was asked to wait. Please let me know should i wait longer and what needs to be done ? I am so worried Thanks

Hi, there are many more hormones which may be imbalanced. A progesterone withdrawal can be tried. Please meet your Gynecologist again

Which hospital is best in Hyderabad to get MTP for Unmarried Girl.Plz give me any suggestions. We are in afraiding.

Hi, if she is above 18 years of age, you can consult any nearby Gynecologist. Taking abortion tablets is legal and safe. All the doctors will tell you that. Some paperwork like consent and an ultrasound will be required. Those are routine tests. Don’t worry

My sister have irregular periods for past 2 years nd she got married as we have consulted gyneac they told her to take test of AMH,AMH is 6.92,and hypo thyroid is 4.59 is that so high what to be done as next step ,how many days treatment needed to get her conceive,she is in very depressed State nd also also her husband is with perfect health.

Hi, your reports , both of AMH and thyroid are normal. There has to be some other reason for menstrual irregularity. Has she taken ultrasound. Please check with your Gynecologist again. She will guide you.

Planning for pregnancy but having Acidity problem.Did the Endoscopy Recently,detect the sliding Hital harnia,reflux Esophagitis(la grade B),Laxes,Erosive gastritis… So please suggest can try for pregnancy in this situation.. And plz suggest best treatment for recover quickly the Hital harnia,reflux Esophagitis(la grade B),Laxes,Erosive gastritis.

Hi, More than medical attention, first you need to make lifestyle changes. Eating correct, on time, spacing meals, avoid spices & junk food. Then comes regular medication. Lastly, surgery if you don’t respond. It is important to recover fully before attempting pregnancy else your symptoms may worsen due do pressure of growing pregnancy.

Shall I go for use after 2 weeks for better result for complete abortion procedure from used mifepristone 1st pill or misoprostol 2nd pill? I count the date from took mifepristone or misoprostol pill? Which is the perfect way of count the days?

Hi, repeat ultrasound to check whether abortion pills have done their job should be from 15 days, counting from first consultation. You can count accordingly and go

Can candid cream be applied on outer side of Vagina. My friend has been prescribed for that by doctors ,Can I also apply for fungal infection.

Hi, you can. If it gives you relief, continue. If it doesn’t, show yourself to a nearby Gynecologist.

I have very little flow during periods. Sometimes clotting too. My stomach, back pains too much. I have been married for past 14 months and will plan a baby soon. Will this pattern of blood flow cause any problems? Is there a remedy? Should ashokarishta syrup help?

Hi, If you have this kind of pattern since you started menses, there is no problem. If it has started recently , one ultrasound and some hormonal tests in blood are required. There is no need to suffer so much of pain, excellent and safe anti-spasmodic medicines are available. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist.

Hi. I’m planning to get pregnant, but I have dark patches over my face. Can I use melabest?

Hi, you should check with your doctor for alternative. One of the contents in this cream is not good during pregnancy.

My periods are delayed this month by 11days. I took a home test and it showed negative. Can I still be pregnant? Thanks in advance

Hi, if your menses have been regular in past & now your pregnancy test is negative. Don’t worry, you are not pregnant. Just wait for couple of days. Periods will come. If they don’t , consult your nearby Gynecologist for tablets to get menses.

Good morning doctor, i’m married, and previously I have suffered with pcod, now my lmp was march 27th, I missed my period in the month of april and still I didn’t get also, I did 2 times home pregnancy test it was negative but the symptoms (tenderness of nipple, nausea, abdominal cramps, backache, frequent urination, gas) I have I feel like pregnancy. Now I confused i’m pregnant or non pregnant? Previously I consulted a doctor, doctor said whenever I don’t get period you took tab. deviry for 5 days. If I am non pregnant can I take tab. deviry? If I pregnant how deviry will affect on me?

Hi, the first thing you should do is do a blood test beta hcg from a nearby lab. Show the report to a nearby gynecologist. Taking hormonal tablets on your own is not the answer. There are excellent medicines which can provide long term relief. Your doctor will prescribe them to you.

Since I got my 1st period I have irregular periods , now this time 2 months crossed still I didt get period , last week I consulted doc here and she asked me to have Medroxy tablet to get period and then have to go through some test and scanning , thing is since more than a week I am having tablet but didt get my periods.

Hi, your problem suggests some hormonal imbalance. Most likely PCOS. Easily correctible by some tablets. But you need to get those ultrasound and blood tests done. And go back to your Gynecologist.

I had miscarriage in feb I was 9 weeks pregnant .my Dr. advice me amh test which was low about 1 .i am taking g ovacare fort and all 9 tablet and also thyroid medicine. I wanted to know if I can conceive or not with healthy baby.

Hi dear, this AMH level is low. Though conceiving normally may still be a possibility. I advise you to follow your doctor’s instructions. Considering your age, you may need to be extra careful and may require extra medicines


Why to use cyproterone acetate and ethinyloestradiol tables (21 strips), please tell me uses of the tablet am waiting docters

Hi, this combination is specifically used for PCOS patients, to regularise menstrual cycles and correct hormonal imbalance. You have not given your problem for which it was started. Please consult your Gynecologist again.

I have acnes on my face and on my upper back. I took medicines like periods and azithromycin but it didn’t work out. I do have small pores too. I had irregular periods and I checked and doctor advice me to have loette and after taking it I have my regular periods and there are no any new acnes. But I can’t get rid of my old acnes I want to get rid of it. Please help

Hi, It is good that your acne is now under control. You should meet a nearby skin specialist who also is doing cosmetology work. There are certain treatments available, which will help you.

Hi, I have to be done my level 2 ultrasound. My last period was 23rd sept’18. Plz help me to know which date is best to get this test done.

Hi, are you asking about Anomaly scan. It is usually done around 17-19 weeks. Please check with your Gynecologist again.

I have a really bad spot on my ankle that rubbed raw n now it’s like a big sore spot cannot get it to heal i’ve used a few different kinds of creams I used calmoseptine ointment n have used bacitracin zinc ointment, usp n a couple more of creams what can I do to it to get it to heal it is really raw n sore.

Hi, You should meet a nearby skin specialist. Only after doing a physical examination, further medicines can be prescribed.

I am breastfeeding and I want to postpone my periods. Any medicine or any natural way for postponing my periods?

Hi, breastfeeding itself is the natural way to postpone menses. When it comes to medicines, we only have option of hormones, which in any combination are not recommended for you. Progesterone only tablets can be given but to get a prescription, you need to meet your nearby Gynecologist.

I am 25 years old. Am having pcod. This month I took letrozole 2.5 mg for 5 days for ovulation. I went for follicular study. On day 12 one egg ruptured at the size of 27 mm with et 12 mm (may 2. Then next day may 3 another egg ruptured at the size of 20 mm with et 12 mm. Bt I had intercourse on day 11 it means may 1 only. Is it possible I will get conceive a baby.

Hi, the chances of pregnancy are there. But be cautious of carrying multiple fetus especially twins. Please check with your doctor as soon as you miss periods.

Rashes & inflamation around private part of Virginia which causes irritation. Tried everything but no effect.

Hi, you have not provided details about you, like marital status, working or not, blood sugar levels. These days we are seeing a lot of resistant vaginal infection in the women owing to the fact that women are working and have to use English style toilets outside, which mandates that a lot of your private parts will be in touch with the toilet seat. Cleanliness can not be insured always. Long term probiotics and anti fungal therapy may be needed. Please meet a dermatologist if no relief.

I had been taking tibofem after hysterectomy. Since it is out of stock should I take sibolone. I am suffering from severe hot flashes which makes me very weak and uneasy.

Hi, The difference is only of the brand name. The contents are same. You can check with your doctor and take the substitute


My mom removed her uterus 8 years ago but still she suffers pain in her back side of her hip.. The pain is severe.. Please clarify

Hi, these things are unrelated. The hip pain is most likely due to osteoporosis. Which is lack of calcium and vitamin D along with female hormones. She will benefit from supplements. Please meet an orthopaedic surgeon.

I m 18 week pregnent my thyroid is 7.03 at 17 week then my dr start eltroxin 50…is late thyroid detection and late medication will harm my baby… Plz suggest

Hi, you need complete thyroid profile. Levels of Free T4 are more important for growth of brain. Most likely it will come normal. Please follow your Gynecologist’s advice and start the thyroid tablet. You will do well

Last month I had my period on 1 st January and had sex on 14,16,18 th of January.and in 30 or 31st January I had pain on lower abdomen and also back pain similar to menstrual pain.but this month I missed my period.Is it a sign of pregnancy if yes then at what day I take pregnancy test for confirmation ???or at what time it should be better to get accurate result??

Hi, first thing to do is urine pregnancy test. By this time it will be positive if you have conceived. One blood test Beta HCG can also be done for confirmation.

My follicle size on day 11 was 12×11mm in left ovary and left ovary was 10x11mm and i had fsh 75iu on day 13 and advised to take scan on day 15 whether my follicles r ok or small?any idea when will i ovulate ??…i had been on siphene100mg frm day2 -5.

Hi, have you been having irregular menstrual cycles. Or PCOS. This response is bit low for natural conception. Probably that is why you were given FSH injection, which is a good decision. Please continue to follow your Gynecologist’s advice. You will do well.

Hello dr.. I m suffering from incompotent cervix due to this i had 2 preterm misscarage at past…now i m 18 week pregnent i ask dr for cerclage but dr give me progestrone…. Is pregestrone helpful to control preterm… Plz help

Hi, it is medically proven fact that both cervical cerclage as well as progesterone work, as individual therapy. However you have suffered two losses. This baby is precious. I personally would have gone for both of them combined along with best rest till delivery. However if your doctor chose this, she must have made a wise decision.

I have hard lumpy breasts, which I got ultrasound bilaterally. It is suggestive of fibroadenosis. Is it normal or anything to worry about? Does it require treatment if it is symptomless.

Hi, it is quite innocuous. No need for treatment if you don’t have any complaint. Yearly checkup by your family doctor will be sufficient.

I an getting regular heavy periods from last 3 months after contact…and negative prega news test after 25 days of contact. can I be pregnant?I don’t want to be pregnant.

Hi, pregnancy is unlikely however this kind of bleeding is not alright. Please meet your nearby Gynecologist for a physical examination. An ultrasound may be required.

I just want to know wt does it mean.is it related to baby growth.iplz help me to know wt does it mean

Hello dear, your question is not clear. As you have not stated what is related to baby’s growth. Please send your question again. Also attach any report that you have

I have been trying for past 3 months to concieve and my doc suggested that i shud take clofert i.e clomid from 3rd day of my period to 7th day. All other reports are normal. Should i take it or try for few more months without it?

Hi, the pace of fertility treatment is absolutely your choice. The age factor is on your side. You can wait. And take this medicine after a couple of months. Please discuss again with your Gynecologist

Hello doc, I am not able to express enough milk for my baby. I delivered a baby girl 2months before due date. My baby weighs 1kg. If the baby is fed with powdered milk ,will the baby loose weight?

Hi, your Paediatrician must have counseled you regarding feeding . There are special powder milk for premature babies. Please give it your baby only under actual guidance and prescription.

Looking for a cosmetic gynecologist to treat Vaginismus in Delhi preferably east Delhi. Pls suggest someone who is well experienced in treating it. It’s urgent. Thanks a lot!

Hi, vaginismus can’t be treated surgically. It is an excessive psychological response to touch. Psychotherapy is the best approach. Consult with your Gynecologist to confirm diagnosis again

I have a bit of facial hair.. It’s more on my chin region.. I got pcos, thyroid,testosterone and prolactin tests done.. The hormones are all in the range and I have no pcos. My periods get delayed sometimes.. What could be the reason?

Hi, at times at the start of PCOS, all reports come normal. Meeting an endocrinologist and ruling out other disorders also should be done. If all is normal, cosmetic laser removal of hair will help you

M pregnant for 26 weeks now n m having cough and cold so can I take tablet paracetamol and tablet erythromycin?

Both are safe in pregnancy. If no relief in 2 days, please meet your doctor

I have irregular periods from year 2014.My blood reports shows i have white blood cells.after using tablet which dr suggest results was not satisfied so i am going with ayruveda.some time period is regular and sometimes not.After using hempushpa syrup period started but it goes for 15-20 days ..started with lowest bleed amd that continues for 5to 7 days after it goes heigh day by day…and sometimes heavy clots.When i got my period age 13 it was regular for 8to9 years so this is not a problem from start. Tell me about Rajah pravaratni Vati .Is it solve my problem from 15-20 to 5-7 days.which food avoid during its use.and i am confused about date so when to start..and if it doesn’t for me then suggest me any medicine.

Hi, I can only advise you regarding Allopathy, as i specialize in that only. For your kind of problem, excellent and safe hormonal preparations in form of tablets are available. You can meet a nearby gynecologist for prescription.

My wife’s get period so what she’s do? So you can solve my problems Please do some fast and i can easily buy to any pharmacy

Hi, your question is not clear. Do you want her to get menses or do you want periods postponed. Either way, prescription can only be given by a nearby Gynecologist.

I’ve pcod and i’m not getting my period for 1.5 months, I had regestrone for 5 days twice a day. Still not getting my period.

After taking regesterone, you should wait for 10 days, if still no menses, check again with your gynecologist for alternative medicine or further investigation.



My periods started on Feb 2nd 2019 (D1) and due to some family occasion, I have taken Premault N 5mg X 6 tablets and ibuprofen 400mg * 10 tablets from Feb 2nd to 4th 2019 (D1-D3). But from Feb 5th (D4) onwards heavy bleeding associated with stomach pain and also I have seen blood lumps in the pads and I have been changing two to three pads every 6-7 hrs. Today is D7 but bleeding did not stop. Please advice what to do now. I don’t have children and I’m newly married this is eighth month post wedding. Is this will be major risk? Please advice what to do now? How long this bleeding will be?

Hi, Once periods have started, Primolut-N will not work in stopping. Ibuprofen, in itself will lead to heavy bleeding. And that is what you have been having. You require a check up from nearby Gynecologist to sort you out. Please don’t delay.

I get my periods with the gap of 20-30 days. Certain months on time. Blood flow is normal but max for 2-3 days. I get cramps alot.

Hi, if this is how your periods have always been, no need to worry. Simple painkiller prescribed by your Gynecologist will cure pain. If periods pattern has changed over past few months then you require further investigations, ultrasound and blood tests for hormonal changes

I am 31 years old married. I am taking clofranil 50 mg my question is can we plan for pregnancy with this dosage

Hi, this is a medicine used to make eggs faster or improve their quality. it can make you pregnant. Please take as prescribed by your Gynecologist

We are planning to go ahead with IVF. Infertility specialist asked for STD panel check for both of us. Every test in both of us is negative barring HSV 1+2. My husband HSV 1+2(IGM) is negative with Index value of .81 and HSV 1+2 (IGG) is positive with value of 18.40. My HSV 1+2 ( IGM) is positive with value of 1.35 and HSV 1+2 (IGG) is negative with value of .50. I have attached the reports as well. IGG of my husband and IGM of mine. Also, we don’t have any symptoms not even a lesion or blister. I’ve been suggested for HSV PCR. Does it really required ? Kindly advice, if we can go ahead with IVF process without any issues to future kid.

Hi, you should get this test done. If confirmation comes for infection, treatment of it should be done first before opting for pregnancy.

I have taken misoprostol for 3 days as proscribed by the doctor for 5 days but I missed 4th day dose what should I do?

Tab Misoprost is prescribed as abortion tablet. Why were you taking it. Please check again with your doctor

My gyne has suggested dk gel for suspected vaginal infection but did not tell me how often and for how many days I should use it. I will try and reach her but not sure if she will respond fast.

Hi, you can use it for once at night for a week. It should provide relief

This is my tvg report after mifty kit and doctor has referred 2 more tablets of misoprostol 200mg sublingual,is the diagnose alright or do I have to worry about dnc

Hi dear. You must always rely on your treating doctor first. Though the clots are small but still if bleeding continues, treatment is required.

I am having dubagest 300 since 3 month but still I have not conceive .why can you suggest something.

Hi, there may be many reasons for not being able to conceive. Even if everything is normal in both husband and wife, still it may be 6 months of try, before you get results. Have faith and keep trying.

I have vaginal yeast infection why does it keep recurring I apply onabet b and cluster gm.

Hi, there are many reasons for recurrence. Have you checked your Hemoglobin, blood sugar and Thyroid hormones levels. Also a Pap smear need to be done . Sometimes, long term antibiotics course may be required.

I’m pregnant. I’m taking Dr. prescribed medicine I had 2missed abortion before. So its better to take ecosprin tablet, but that is not suggested by my dr.

Yes, ecosprin does get suggested in cases like you. However, I don’t have access to all your reports along with boh profile (bad obstetric history profile).
You can discuss with your doctor again.

I am not sure if I took the sevista today. Taking twice a week from mid dec 2018. Can I take again as in doubt.

Yes you can. No harm even if you repeat it. Afterwards, be careful. Mark it in your calendar.

Namaskar doctor. I am 28 years old. I am pregnant after five years of our marriage. It is natural pregnancy. My last period date was 28 november 2018. It is starting of my third month .i am feeling pain near my belly button and when I sleep in the night there is sharp pain in my legs. My doctor prescribed me medicine – doxinate plus, folvite. Endogest, duvadilan retard, and she gave me injection of proluton depot 500 mg per week till my third month complete. I want to know my diet for this time and what cause my pain in my belly button and legs. Please suggest.

Hi, diet at this time is normal. All home cooked foods along with fruits and salads, milk twice should be taken. Don’t worry too much about the pain. Your gynecologist has already given you sufficient medicines. Just rest.

Hi..I m bhavika…last year till 27 July 2018, I have faced 2 Dand E for fetus evacuation…both the times I have 3 month pregnancy…my first Day and E occurred in December 2017… In this July I will complete 2 years of my marriage…now I have done my BOH profile …in which I have found LUPUS And Torch positive…I have consulted 2 of doctors one govt. And another private…both prescribe 2 different methods to cure lupus…now I m confused to which method is best… Plzzz help me out to choose which method is successful…and best suited for me…

Hi, before any opinion can be formed, it is mandatory to see the reports. The titre in which the tests are positive. Your sonography reports of both the pregnancy to know if fetal heart beats came before abortion also needs to be considered. With so many factors, it is not possible to give advice just based on two prescriptions. I advise you to go back to your Gynecologist and discuss again about rationale of any therapy. She is is the best person to explain

I had pcos, doctor suggested to take ovral g daily 2 and gynova syrup for 5 days. Now is the 7 th day after finished tablet but not get period yet. Why and what I do now.

Total waiting period is 10 after stopping hormonal tablets, if still no periods, further hormonal tests are needed. Please meet your gynecologist again.

Hello, I am 5 months pregnant with twins and I have loose motion. Please suggest some home remedies.

Hi, ORS solution is freely available. But if you don’t get ok fast and feel giddy or dehydrated, make sure to contact your nearby Gynecologist

I conceived by ivf recently. My last menstrual date is 14th August. I had an FET with natural cycle on 28th August. I had positive pregnancy test on 11th September. Now my question is the doctors are telling me I am 6w7d pregnant today whereas as per LMP it is 6w2d. They are expecting the growth to be accordingly too. They couldn’t find a heartbeat (they did find a fetal pole) on 24th which according to their calculation was 6w4d but according to LMP is only 5w7d. Although they are continually monitoring me but they are saying mostly things aren’t going well for me. Shouldn’t they be adjusted the gestational age according to the ultrasound and not just give up and scare me?? My HCG is rising even now however it has slowed down a bit after reaching >11000.

Hi dear, with regret I say that things do not look positive in your case. Whichever way or howsoever you look at it. Heartbeat should have come by now. There is a limit to which medical science can work in creating a life. So many things are still not understood

Is it possible to predict the baby gender through hearbeat bpm in pregnancy. I would like to my baby gender

Hi, there is no such method. Any method used to know gender of baby during ante natal that is pregnancy period is punishable by law. Please do not ask such questions

Which is the best form of exercise to reverse PCOS? Cardio, lifting and strength training or Yoga? Please advice

Hi, 45 minutes of moderate exercise. It can be any form. You may rotate too.Supplement it with diet control

After sex if pregnant When vaginal discharge start in pregnancy…please explain me best… … … ..

Hi , your question is unclear. Please write in detail and ask again

I tool. Ipill on 11 may. Today I hv got bleeding and abdomen pain. My last period date was 26 April. Is this my periods?? Any chance of pregnancy now? Pl advise.

Hi, Ipill is known to cause irregular bleeding after some days. It’s not your period. Failure rates also are dependent on time frame in which it was taken. If you miss your menses, please check yourself for pregnancy and meet a nearby Gynecologist

I inserted it deeply.but little bit of tat melted capsule released though vagina.And hav abdomen pain too.

Hi , additional progesterone are given for specific reasons. Have you done ultrasound. Is it showing fetal heartbeat. If pain continues, go back to your Gynecologist

I’m having low AMH value(1.7). Had a pcod problem so doctor suggested for laproscopy. After drilling my ovary become weak. Is it possible to get pregnant without ivf treatment.

Hi, you are a young female. It’s very unusual to have such low AMH at this age. Are you overweight. What about your lifestyle. Is it sedentary. Need to see your complete hormone profile. IVF is option but there are so many things before that. Please meet your gynecologist again

My periods started today and i want to have sex tomorrow. Is it safe to go for pills which can instantly stop my periods and also recommend some of them.

Whatever pill you use, will mess with your periods. Also a high dose will be required. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to wait for a couple of days to get menses over

Hi, you are a young female. It’s very unusual to have such low AMH at this age. Are you overweight. What about your lifestyle. Is it sedentary. Need to see your complete hormone profile. IVF is option but there are so many things before that. Please meet your gynecologist again

Hi, you need a repeat internal vaginal examination by a Gynecologist. A Pap’s smear also needs to be done. Sometimes , prolonged therapy, probiotics and vaginal pessary course is required

Last month I had a A ruptured ectopic at 7 weeks, for which immediate laparotomy was done. Now I am fine. Want to know that after how many months minimum should we wait to plan next and is endometrial biopsy necessary before planning again.

Endometrial biopsy not required. Wait for a couple of months

She started taking yasmin pills and took 4 pills in the morning. How many times should she take it?

Hello dear, your questions are not clear. Are you taking Yasmin tablets as regular method of birth control or emergency contraceptive pill. Have you consulted a nearby Gynecologist before starting these tablets.
I advise you to meet your doctor as soon as possible.

Having complaints of irregular periods since long tym…diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 to 3 years back…had taken homoeopathic medicine…now having the same problem got my menses on 26 June 2019…tsh done on 30/09/19 s/o 6.7…what shud I do …what would u advise

You should start Thyroid medicine. Also do an ultrasound and meet a nearby Gynecologist

Hello doctor. I am facing problem of vagina itching, I used ketoconazole for 3 days but there is no improvement it is still same, I am even facing more dryness and itching in my vagina after using it. Should I continue using it or should stop. I don’t have pain or white discharge.

Hi, there are other reasons for itching too apart from fungal infection like Trichomoniasis and skin disorders. If you didn’t get better, now is the time to show yourself to a nearby Gynecologist and get it checked. Change of treatment is required

My hymen was broken during intercourse 3days ago. For three days it was bleeding more like spotting, now it has stopped but I have a little itch there. It is sensitive to touch now not sure if I should wait or visit a gynac. Please advice. Thanks in advance.

It’s normal. You can apply betadine ointment. Also wash the area with a bit warm water. That should take care. Else meet a nearby Gynecologist

Currently I am having medication for UTI treatment after consulting a doctor. Apart from medication as home remedy should we apply curd in vaginal area for the treatment? Is it safe to do? One of my friend suggested to do it but I am not sure how safe it is. If yes then how to apply it? How in the future should do to avoid getting UTI? Everyday I wash the vaginal area with lactacid. Use v-wash intimate wipes if using public toilet and regularly wash the area with water after pee. What should I do more?

Hello, taking medicines in prescribed format should be enough. Please do not apply curd. Curd is to be eaten not applying. No need to apply so many washes. It actually disturbs the natural flora of vagina which is protective. Simply taking care of hygiene should be sufficient with soap and water twice. Drink lots of water

I 29 year old. I am pregnant of 1 month. I check my pregnancy by pregnancy kit. Doctor told me to do and if you are pregnant so than start folic acid tablets. And nothing else. I wanted to know that what should I do. Is there any vaccine during pregnancy? And other precautions please help me.

Hi, for early pregnancy, this much is sufficient. Start Folic acid tablets. Meet your Gynecologist for ultrasound date.

My best friend is spotting after protected as well as unprotected sex after 14 days..what does it indicate ??Is she pregnant ??(she did sex on the 9th day after her periods..)

Hi, she needs a physical check up. You should consult a nearby Gynecologist

Yesterday my 4th ultrasound done on 18th day … Follicle in my right ovary is 23.8 and ET is 7.8… Doctor gave me HCG 5000 trigger injection.. When I’ll ovulate?? When there r high chances of pregnancy???

Hi, you are likely to ovulate in 32 hours. Chances to become pregnant are ,now

My wife had a c- section earlier this month, my baby died due to hypo plastic left heart syndrome. My wife has diabetes and blood pressure problem for last 4 years. Earlier this year her creatinine was below 1.5 but in this month after c section her creatinine became 2 and within 2 weeks it became 3. Her bp also very high. Currently taking nifedipine sr 2omg in the morning and night and prazosin 5 mg three times a day. Can it be cured?

Hi, my sympathy for you and your wife. She is having many medical problems. Complication in form of kidney getting affected is also there. In Allopathy, it is possible only to keep in check her disease with medicines, exercise and diet control.

I have pregnant or not confirmation details urine test positive hcg test 2.39 34 days please reply as soon as possible

Hi, this level of Beta HCG is too low. Please repeat it after 48 hours. If it increases, then only clinical pregnancy is there, else it is only a chemical reaction. You will get your menses

Am 21 year old women, I’m 3 weeks pregnant now. I’m not married. How can I avoid pregnancy anymore? Please help

Hi, for you, the best option is abortion pills. For this, you need to take an ultrasound, do certain blood tests as safety measure. Some paper work in the form of consent will be required. Everything is done in confidence. Please meet a nearby Gynecologist and follow the advise

Trying for pregnancy. Not able to ovalute naturally and not getting periods because of pcod. Doctor has advised to take siphene. Am I able to ovalute and conceive?

Hi, For PCOS patients, the most important aspect is weight management with diet and exercise. If this happens, many a times spontaneous ovulation will happen and patient will conceive naturally. Good luck

Is hyponidd tablet safe in pregnancy? Im having it from last 6 months and I got pregnant. Dr. asked me to continue it till 3 months.

Hi, this is a Ayurvedic/ Herbal medicine that you have been asking me about, manufactured by a very reputed company . Your doctor must have started it for PCOS and now you are pregnant. This is supposed to work as Insulin sensitizing agent too. These agents are routinely prescribed during pregnancy for a good outcome . However the drug that we Allopathic doctors use is – Metformin, and this drug gives very good results too. Please check with your doctor again.

I took a 21 day course of duoluton l, a contraceptive, in the month of april. My boyfriend fingered me 10 minutes after he had cleaned himself off all the semen which was on him with wet wipes. I was away while he ejaculated. Are there any chances of pregnancy? I’m a virgin. This happened in june.

Hi, to be on safer side, if you miss period, do a urine pregnancy test.

Hi, I am 38 years old married man. I am going pregnancy planning. taking desval er 500 mg and escitalopram 5 mg daily any effect on sperm counts?

Hi, both these medicines are not known to cause any damage to sperm count. What you should do is an analysis of your semen from a good , nearby pathology laboratory. If count and other parameters are normal, you can take a chance on going ahead with family

Hi, What amount of dosage to be taken for argiprime 6 mg. For how many days should I use this. I am in my 7 month of pregnancy?

Hi, Are you asking about L- Arginine, a powder form of drug to be used if water around baby is reducing. It is to be used once or twice a day with water and after food. You need to repeat ultrasound after a couple of weeks to check if the treatment is working.

I am 55 years old. I am using femilon. Is it because of this I have not started menopause.

Most likely. You can clarify by doing blood tests- fsh and amh.

I have had severe yeast infection for the second time. This time it also has dark brown blood discharge, bloating and slight pain in lower abdomen. There is uncontrollable itching, redness and swelling. I am taking the prescribed medicine but was worried about the blood discharge and pain.

Hi, you need a repeat internal vaginal examination by a Gynecologist. A Pap’s smear also needs to be done. Sometimes , prolonged therapy, probiotics and vaginal pessary course is required

I started taking krimson 35 today because my doctor prescribed it for pcod. But now I am having vomit sensation and nausea. Is it normal?

Krimson 35 which is a hormonal preparation, is especially used for PCOS patients. Nausea and vomiting is a known side effect. After a couple of days , it may subside too. If it doesn’t, it needs to be stopped and alternative medicines need to be started.Please check with your Gynecologist again.
You can watch this video, it will help you

My due date over my doctor asked me to get induced by gel or otherwise c section will be done. Please give advice how to kickstart my labor naturally on own as my AFI and baby activities are normal.

Hi dear, Please understand that that when a Gynecologist makes a decision, it is based on many factors, baby weight, whether it is first or second pregnancy, position of baby, relative capacity of pelvis to deliver this size of baby vs waiting- which surely will lead to putting weight of baby. When we examine a patient in actuality, someone who is with us for last 9 months, we always have the best of both patient’ interest in our heart ( mother as well as fetus ). My advise- Please listen to your Gynecologist’s advise

Presenting features of pregnancy with Copper-T in situ

-Woman will complain of missed periods
-Her pregnancy test will be positive
-Sonography will show presence of contraceptive device with pregnancy side by side

My periods have become irregular over past few months. They come late and the flow is very less. What may be the problem?

These symptoms are of hormonal disturbance. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is the most common clinical situation. A Gynaec checkup is necessary along with blood tests and sonography. Treatment is available.

I’m suffering from a recurring vaginal infection since many years which refuses to go away completely. It has a fishy odour. I’ve tried so many medicines but none of them have helped me to get rid of the problem permanently. I have got all my blood tests like sugar and all done and there is no problem there as well. This is really embarrassing for me. Please help.

Hi, are you sexually active. If yes, you may require some advance treatment like colposcopy and Pap smear for diagnosis. If no, then resistant cases may require IV antibiotics. Please consult your Gynecologist again.

I ate Chinese food which contained msg. Soon after that I got rashes all over my body and the itching was uncontrollable. I read in a website that msg damages the brain of baby. I am terrified and worried. Please help me. Then I realised that I haven’t taken my folic acid tablets regularly, before I got pregnant. My doctor had told me take it regularly before 5 months of pregnancy, but I was very irregular. I forgot to it for month or two. But, when I got to know that I was pregnant, that is in 6 weeks, I have never missed to take it. I read that folic acid helps in baby’s brain development, so I am worried that, whether my irregular eating of folic acid tablets will affect my baby’s brain and intelligence? Thinking all these things is making me anxious and I am getting panic attacks, sweating and high heart beat are the symptoms. Please help to overcome this problem. I am going through a rough phase.

As regards- MSG, once or twice is you have eaten, don’t worry so much, it will not cause any harm to your baby.
Regarding – Folic acid tablet, you are regular in taking ever since you got to know about your pregnant status- that is good enough. Stop worrying on that account too
Regarding baby’s brain development- there is now a blood test – Double Marker, which when combined with a sonography at a specified time will almost make sure that baby is born, mentally healthy. Please speak to your Gynecologist about that.

Can a person with epilepsy become a class ‘A’ government officer?


These are the guidelines from ‘Epilepsy Association of India’.


In general it states that you need to check that specific job’s requirement

Regards and best of luck

Period is late by 10 days last was 20 jan. Pregnancy test is negative. What to do wait for some days or visit doctor.

Hi, if you want to be really sure , there are two ways 1) Beta HCG test in blood 2) Ultrasound If both these tests are normal too, you are not pregnant, menses will come either on their own, or with help of some hormonal pill You can read this article, it will help you https://fit.practo.com/#!/content/24400

I am 34 years old, I just detected pregnancy of 32 days ammonreae my doctor advice me to take hucog 5000 for 2 months and save and progynova. What is its use how it works.

Hi, from your profile ,I read that you are 34 years old. It is a medical fact that a woman’s body is not meant to be reproducing endlessly. After certain age, carrying a healthy pregnancy can be an issue. To address this same issue, certain hormonal supplements are prescribed to over age pregnant woman to make sure a good outcome.Have faith in your doctor and follow the advise to the dot. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

I have pcos and I am 6 weeks pregnant. Doc. Prescribed me mychiro, nosic, glyciphage 250, gestofit 200 and limcee tablets. Will it prevent my pregnancy? Will my baby be healthy?

Your Gynecologist has prescribed you the best of treatment.
All medicines are given to you to take care of PCOS in pregnancy and also to take care that you do not suffer any complications because of it, as well as pregnacy grows healthy.
Have trust, follow the advise completely.
Good luck

Mam bleeding start after taking two misoprostol after 3 hours sir just I want ask about next two misoprostol tablets taken or not.

It is expected that bleeding will start after first dose of Misopostol.
However the total course of Misoprostol tablets should be taken as prescribed by your doctor. Then only the process will be complete.
Unwanted pregnancy can be a nuisance in a woman’s life , it’s best to avoid such things from happening. You can read this article it will help you

Who is controlling the government? Who do they answer to?


I believe that you and I chose the Government. There is no question of who is controlling whom in a democracy. It is always people vs. people.

If we are happy with the management, we have the power to elect them again after 5 years or choose a better leader.

Hence lies the importance of voting for everyone. Be a responsible citizen.

One more thing, good citizens should put forth their candidature to help in clean up act

Pregnancy test shows faint pink line.Period is due today.Is the result positive or negative.Used first morning urine.No symptoms till now.Usually periods are painless.

Hi, This definitely is pregnancy, though early. Test line will also become darker after a week or so. If you are desirous of continuing pregnancy, meet a nearby Gynecologist