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Is hyponidd tablet safe in pregnancy? Im having it from last 6 months and I got pregnant. Dr. asked me to continue it till 3 months.

Hi, this is a Ayurvedic/ Herbal medicine that you have been asking me about, manufactured by a very reputed company . Your doctor must have started it for PCOS and now you are pregnant. This is supposed to work as Insulin sensitizing agent too. These agents are routinely prescribed during pregnancy for a good outcome . However the drug that we Allopathic doctors use is – Metformin, and this drug gives very good results too. Please check with your doctor again.

Hi, I am 38 years old married man. I am going pregnancy planning. taking desval er 500 mg and escitalopram 5 mg daily any effect on sperm counts?

Hi, both these medicines are not known to cause any damage to sperm count. What you should do is an analysis of your semen from a good , nearby pathology laboratory. If count and other parameters are normal, you can take a chance on going ahead with family

Hi, What amount of dosage to be taken for argiprime 6 mg. For how many days should I use this. I am in my 7 month of pregnancy?

Hi, Are you asking about L- Arginine, a powder form of drug to be used if water around baby is reducing. It is to be used once or twice a day with water and after food. You need to repeat ultrasound after a couple of weeks to check if the treatment is working.