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  • Good afternoon Dr.Himaniji, I am Advocate Sandeep Sheregar from Landmark Forum Mumbai. I am 47 years and my wife is 42 years. After conceiving naturally, my wife has had two miscarriages one in the year 2012 and another in the year 2014 due to foetus papyraceous. The actual underlying cause was undetected Ulcerative colitis which got diagnosed seven years after numerous symptomatic treatment by various doctors. Subsequently she was diagnosed with Chron's illness or Auto Immune disease as per the diagnosis of Dr.Meghraj Ingale, who also told us that it is an incurable disease. To cure her of Ulcerative colitis the treating Dr.Roy Patankar gave her Omnacortil steroids treatment for nearly three months. The severe bouts of diarrhea got subsided And later on she suffered with minor Rheumatoid Arthritis along with Avascular Necrosis of Both Femor Heads and she had to be put on a walker since August 2016. After consuming numerous tablets in the form of high dosage of antibiotics, steroids, Biologicals like Cyclosporine, heavy pain killers like Narcogene Forte, Pantasa-500, Dolo 650 etc I took a bold decision to take her off all the tablet and put her on to holistic treatment of providing good nutricious food ( as per the Father of Modern Medicine the Great Hippocrates "Let Food be thy medicine ) with good rest and happiness around. Plus I put her on to a food supplement in the form of juice extracted from all natural sources of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs made 100 % free of chemicals. That has given her tremendous relief and very fast recovery from AVN illness. I think she shall get over her walker in a month or so. I need your opinion as to whether we can start planning a baby again. If yes when and what are the precautions that we need to take.
    2018-03-23 04:30:12
    Good morning Sandeep,
    I am glad to hear that your wife is making significant recovery. If her menstrual cycle is regular and ovulation is occurring on time, conceiving can be attempted. Prior to that a whole body check up and antibodies level need to be checked. She should be with a Gynecologist who is practicing through a tertiary care center where multi-disciplinary faculties are available as her case may be labeled as 'High risk pregnancy'.
    Regards & Good Luck

  • We are umarried couple.. we don't know what to do .. please help me what to do in this situation and we don't want to tell ours parents because we don't want to spoil our own future our goals .. And please also tell me about money .. how much it will cost.. it's 4week 2 days now till sex and lmp was on feb 10-13.. we have sex on 10 feb
    2018-03-14 06:58:01
    Hi,the first thing you should do is to consult with a nearby gynecologist. Certain tests including sonography and blood tests may be suggested to you along with check up.These things are done to ensure safety of the woman. If pregnancy is this early, abortion tablets will be prescribed by the Gynecologist. Please follow your doctor's advise completely.

  • Dr. My periods get missed when i take any medicine in any month. Now I am planning for pregnancy and I got my periods today but bleeding is like a drop n drop only n cloted
    2018-01-25 07:56:32
    You need to have do an Ultrasound of pelvis along with certain hormonal tests like Thyroid profile and Serum Prolactin.
    Then only a diagnosis can be made and treatment can be started.

  • Medam Meri wife ko pichle month 14 Oct ko period aaye the is month period nhi aaye usne mujhe bataya to Mene usko pregnancy kit la kar di medam check Kiya to positive nikla hum dono abhi koi bhi baby nhi chahte Hain medam Kya m usko unwanted kit khila sakta hu or medam kese di jayegi please mujhe bataiye aap
    2017-12-16 07:14:43
    अगर ना चाहते हुए भी प्रेगनेंसी ठहर गयी है तो सबसे पहले अपने gynecologist डॉक्टर की सलाह लें। ऐसे केस में कुछ जांचें करने के बाद जिसमें hemoglobin टेस्ट ,सोनोग्राफी और महिला का चेक अप भी शामिल है, करना होता है । पूरी जांच के बाद ही पता चलता है कि गोली देना safe है या नहीं। कुछ cases में D & C भी करना पड़ता है। आपके डॉक्टर आपको सही सलाह देंगे।

  • Follicular study is it painfull
    2017-11-23 06:21:41
    Follicular study is a sonography study. It is done a few number of times to know the growth of ova in the female. The route is transvaginal. Some patients may find it a bit uncomfortable.Most of the patients tolerate it well.
    Please see the 'Videos' section on the website for informative video on this topic.
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