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Mamy Poko Pants Product

Price : Rs 99 (Pack of 10)

XS 3-5 99 (Pack of 10) S 4-8 99(Pack of 9) M 7-12 110(Pack of 9) L 9-14 110(Pack of 8) XL 12-17 127(Pack of 7) Mamy Poko Pants is also available for your new baby! While ordinary diapers have tapes that may harm your baby's sensitive skin, MamyPoko Pants is a Pant Style Diaper with Soft Elastic and No tapes. It is as gentle on a baby's skin as a mother's touch and is easy to wear too, just like a panty. So, start early, start right with MamyPoko Pants Extra Small for your new baby.

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