Ectopic Pregnancy-a Devastating Outcome of Pregnancy,Update-24.2.19,Why it happens

  • February 24, 2019

Ectopic Pregnancy-a Devastating Outcome of Pregnancy,Update-24.2.19,Why it happens

Hello friends,

-As promised, we are back with more discussion on Ectopic pregnancy.

-Today, we will discuss various risk factors which are responsible for increased incidence of ectopic pregnancies.

-More people are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases which may lead to damage of the Fallopian tubes.

– This on one hand can cause infertility and on other hand ectopic pregnancy.

-If a surgery is done on Fallopian tube, either to correct its pathology or to reverse permanent family planning operation, it will leave the tube more prone for developing ectopic pregnancy.

– Women who become pregnant in later years of life or who require assisted reproductive techniques like IUI or IVF etc are at increased risk of developing ectopic pregnancy.

-Family planning methods like copper-T and permanent operation of female, when they fail, they lead to increased risk of ectopic pregnancy.

– So, friends, in next update of this series, we will discuss some more aspect of Ectopic Pregnancy.

-Keep a watch on this space as next update will arrive soon


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