Endometriosis-a Medical Dilemma in Women-Update-24.2.19-How it happens & spreads

  • February 24, 2019

Endometriosis-a Medical Dilemma in Women-Update-24.2.19-How it happens & spreads

Written by
Dr Himani Gupta
Consulting Gynecologist in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Hello friends,

-As promised, we are back with more discussion on Endometriosis.

-Today, we will discuss several theories that propose cause of endometriosis.

Retrograde menstruation theory states that here is back flow of menstrual blood through Fallopian tubes into peritoneal cavity. These endometrial fragments get implanted there,survive,grow and give rise to endometrial lesions.

-Endometriosis also spreads through vascular or lymphatic channels to unusual locations like groin, perineum and retro-peritoneum.

-There is another theory of coelomic metaplasia which proposes that the lining of abdomen known as peritoneum is capable of turning into endometriotic lesions.

– So, friends, in next update of this series, we will discuss some more aspect of Endometriosis.

-Keep a watch on this space as next update will arrive soon


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