Medical Investigations of Couple Seeking Fertility

  • December 20, 2018


Hello friends,

As this topic ‘Evaluation of Couple Seeking Fertility’ is a vast topic and we want to bring understanding to this topic in as simple a language as possible such that it can be easily understood by everyone,we are starting an article series. The introductory article will give you a glimpse about how will we go about it.

Let’s start

-Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after 1 year of unprotected intercourse of reasonable frequency.

– it can be subdivided into primary infertility, that is no prior pregnancies and secondary infertility referring to infertility following at least one prior conception.

– We will look into the definition of fecundability and population studies and its relation to age.

-We will discuss when should we consider investigations in a couple.

– We will have a discussion on etiology

– that is causative factors, both male and female leading to infertility.

– Medical History taking of both partners will be discussed that will include medical, surgical, medication and social aspects.

-Importance of physical examination will be explained.

-There are certain tests which determine specific causes of infertility like-

– Ovulation studies

-Tubal and pelvic factors

-Uterine abnormalities and

-Cervical factors

We will have a discussion on these factors

-We will have a separate discussion on normal and abnormal production of sperms and its evaluation.

-So, friends you do get an idea of what all things we will cover under this topic ‘Evaluation of Couple Seeking Fertility’

-In next update of article of this series we will take one of the above listed topics and bring more clarity on that -Keep a watch on this article itself as a dated update will arrive soon.



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