Pelvic Mass in Women: Let’s Bring Clarity

  • December 20, 2018


Hello friends,

As this topic ‘Pelvic Mass in Women’ is a vast topic and we want to bring understanding to this topic in as simple a language as possible such that it can be easily understood by everyone, we are starting an article series.

The introductory article will give you a glimpse of how will we go about it. Let’s start:

– Pelvic masses are a common finding.

– In this series, we are going to talk about gynaecological reasons for these masses, their symptoms, evaluation and treatment.

– The pathology of pelvic masses differs with each age group namely- pre-pubertal girls, adolescents, reproductive-aged women and post-menopausal women.

– We will have a discussion age group vies about concerned pathologies.

– In the discussion of uterine causes, we will discuss leiomyoma or commonly known as fibroid.

We will discuss is the pathology, hormone effects, risk factors, classification, symptoms, management options- which include drug therapy and many modalities of surgery like myomectomy and hysterectomy and their routes like hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and laparotomy.

– We will talk about adenomyosis- its pathogenesis, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and management.

– We are going to discuss masses arising from the ovary.

An ovarian mass is a vast group. Our discussion will be mainly on ovarian cystic masses and functional ovarian cysts.

– In this, we will discuss its pathogenesis, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and management.

– In tubal pathology, we will have a discussion on hydrosalpinx.

– In the next update of the article of this series, we will take one of the above-listed topics and bring more clarity on that

– Keep a watch on this article itself as a dated update will arrive soon.

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