6 Steps for Healthy Recovery after Hysterectomy

  • April 26, 2016


1) Eat healthy
– Simple wholesome home cooked food should be eaten .
– Avoid fried , spicy , fatty and outside food .
– Take plenty of oral liquids.

2) Rest at home
– Resting will lead to peace of body & mind .
-Operative area will heal faster

3) Take medicines on time
– Antibiotics will prevent infection
– Iron & vitamin tablets will improve your general well being

4)Go slow on work and exercise
-Work should be resumed gradually.
-Heavy work is to be avoided for at least six weeks
-Breathing exercises & Praanayam is good and wil improve oxygenation of blood.
-Walking can be started next and later on other exercises can be done

5)Delay having intercourse
-Intercourse can be resumed after six weeks.
-Visit to your gynecologist and check up to know if healing is complete is necessary

6) Visit your doctor on time
-Keep in touch with your doctor, consult and get yourself checked as per schedule.
-This will keep a tab on your recovery,  diagnose any complication at earliest for timely treatment.

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