Pregnancy in Pandemic Era- 25 Tips for Successful Outcome

  • April 28, 2021

Written by
Dr Himani Gupta
Consulting Gynecologist in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

– There is cause of concern for everyone in this pandemic era

– The situation is even more explosive for pregnant mothers

-No precaution is too much for pregnant lady

1- First and foremost thing to do is isolation for the pregnant woman

2-She should remain at home as much as possible

3- At home also she should remain away from close contact of family members who go out

4-The remaining family members should take utmost care and they themselves should not go out much except only for shopping of essentials 

5-Work from home should be encouraged both for the pregnant lady as well as her family members

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6- Family members and house hold maids should get vaccinated as soon as possible

7-If anyone goes out-upon returning, they must sanitize hands . Change clothes if possible-that will be best.

8-Home cooked food only should be encouraged

9- Sanitize articles brought from outside before using

10- Gargle 3-4 times in a day

11-These days online consultation with Gynecologist is available

12-Avail maximum benefit of this facility and meet a doctor in person only when physical check up is due

13- For a normal pregnancy only once a month visit is required to the Gynecologist

14-Make sure during this visit, you are covered with protective gear.

15-Do no lower mask when you speak to anyone

16- Maintain social distancing

17-If possible avoid eating and drinking while going out

18-If you have to remove mask to eat or drink, make sure you sanitize your hands before touching mask. Also try to use a new mask every time you remove mask

19-Use three ply surgical masks

20-Get home collection done for blood tests

21-Do not miss essential ultrasounds

22-Get your medicines delivered at home

23-Do not travel long distance unless absolutely unavoidable

24-Avoid attending any social gatherings,family functions,kitty parties

25-Consult your Gynecologist immediately in case of any flu symptoms


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