Routine blood tests during pregnancy

  • January 28, 2016


When the good news of pregnancy is first confirmed and the lady consults a gynaecologist, she is advised to take certain blood tests.

In the eye of the commoner, the list may be overwhelming as it goes like this:-

CBC-Complete blood count including hemoglobin
Blood group and Rh Factor
Blood sugar levels in fasting and PP-Post Prandial state (two hours after food)
HIV testing- Infection screen from Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HBsAg testing-Infection screen from Hepatitis B Virus
VDRL testing- Infection screen from syphilis disease
TSH– screening tests for thyroid disorder

Let’s take each test one by one and try to solve the mystery behind the question-“Why should I do so many tests? I am perfectly healthy.”

First, get that straight that the sub-section of female population who become pregnant are essentially healthy. Why, because the age group 20-35 years enjoys good health naturally.

These tests are done on all pregnant females and are aimed at picking out those cases in which it is not so.

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