Dr. Satish Deshmukh

-Diploma in export management
-Yoga and Naturopathy – Certificate course from Maharashtra Government

Introduction :
Mr Satish Deshmukh lives,breathes and teaches following essence of Yoga
-Yoga is the fountain of youth and wellbeing
-Yoga is an ancient and perfect science which deals with both aspects of health- physical and mental
-Yoga will cure what need not be endured and teach you to endure what can not be cured
-Yoga is for anybody who really wants it. Yoga is universal

Experience :
18 years experience in teaching yoga.
Working as physical trainer since last 15 years

Expertise :
-Stress management
-Pre and post pregnancy yoga
-Weight management
-Yoga for irregular menses
-Treatment for infertility including – yoga, naturopathy ( water therapy)
-Cervical spondylosis
-Frozen shoulder
-Backache and slip disc
-Sciatica pain management
-Joint pains
-Diet management – specialization in pregnancy diet,  weight loss as well as weight gain
-Hormonal disturbance

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