Techniques Used for Imaging in Gynaecology

  • December 20, 2018


Hello friends,

We are starting a new series of write ups that will give information & knowledge about a major Gynaecology related topic,the first of which being

-Techniques used for imaging in gynaecology 

-The first modality is sonography

-We will discuss about the routes of sonography that are trans- abdominal and trans- vaginal

– Doppler Technology which is study of blood flow through blood vessels in pelvic organs

-We will tell you about the normal sonographic findings of female reproductive tract organs and normal condition of endometrium and evaluation of pelvic floor

-We will discuss clinical applications of sonography in determining pathological condition of uterus like fibroids and adenomyosis,endometrial abnormalities

-Pathological conditions of ovaries that include tumors and torsion

– Pelvic inflammatory disease -Benefits of 3D sonography

-We will discuss HSG or hysterosalpingography as fallopian tube’s patency test in infertility cases 

-Discussion on CT scan will include

-Normal pelvic anatomy

-Importance of CT scan after gynaec surgery and gynaec malignancy

-Discussion on MRI will include 

-Normal findings on MRI

-Uterine abnormalities like fibroids and adenomyosis

-Congenital anomalies of genital tract

-Adnexal masses

-Gynecologic malignancies of cervix, endometrium and ovaries

– so friends, you do get an idea of what all things we will discuss

-In next article update of this series we will take one of the above listed topics and have a discussion on that

All the diagnostic and imaging techniques are a great benefit in aiding  a clinician to arrive at a diagnosis timely.Opinion of an expert Radiologist means a lot. Some of these investigations like sonography/ ultrasound/ doppler sonography and MRI are free from radiation. Others like HSG and C T -Scan involve radiation .Some investigative techniques can be operated in OPD setting and others require a specialized set up

-So, friends you do get an idea of what all things we will cover under this topic ‘Preinvasive/Precancerous Lesions of The Lower Genital Tract of Women’

-In next update of article of this series we will take one of the above listed topics and bring more clarity on that

-Keep a watch on this article itself as a dated update will arrive soon.

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