White discharge – Vaginal Infection

  • January 27, 2016

When And Why To See A Doctor

  • White discharge is a common complaint of women seeking consultation from a Gynaecologist
  • Every menstruating woman will experience increase in white discharge in the middle of the cycle for a couple of days which is a normal phenomenon.
  • It does not require specific treatment and settles on its own

    So,when should a doctor be consulted.

  • When white discharge has lasted for many days.
  • When it has foul odour and stains underclothes
  • When it is associated with pain in lower abdomen.
  • When it is associated with frequency of urination and itching of private parts

    What causes this white discharge

  • Most of the times it is caused by fungal or bacterial infection.

    What kind of treatment is given for it.

  • Oral treatment consists of taking antifungal and antibiotics tablets
  • Local treatment consists of creams to be applied to private parts
  • Some medicated capsules /tablets called pessaries are meant to be inserted in the vagina and left there to take effect overnight
  • Vaginal washes also help

    What if the complain comes back again and again

  • This happens when the general health of the woman is not good.
  • In this case certain blood tests and a specialized screening test for cancer of mouth of uterus (cervix) is carried out which is popularly known as Pap’s smear

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